2 Sets of Hearing Aids from Costco

by Mel Mattson
(Federal Way, Wash)

I have had 2 sets of hearing aids from my Federal Way, Washington Costco.

I am over 80 years old and have had hearing problems for over 25 years.

Before using Costco hearing aids I tried several other brands and found them to be really not the best for my increasing hearing loss.

Being retired for over 20 years and living on a fixed income makes it tough to get the best for less.

My hearing audiologist from Costco is tops and the last couple have been great to work with too, very professional and caring for my hearing problems.

I find now after 4 years with the Kirkland brand hearing aid that I am going to have to see if it can be made stronger as my hearing is getting worse.

Costco has been good to me and I will continue to use them because I trust their knowledge and experience and know they will do their best to help me.

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