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Costco Hearing care of Great

I have Rexton hearing aids from Costco and they are great and so is the service from Costco. Both of my hearing aids are well over 5yrs old and other

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Not Happy with Audible Hearing Aids!

My audible hearing aids are 3 years old and both have fallen apart, paid $7,000 or them!

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"Review of Costco Kirland Signature Hearing Aids"

I have used Costco for my hearing aid service and I am very pleased with them. From my first visit 6 years ago to now they have done a great job. Not

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Sold me discontinued product

I have a pair of behind the ear hearing aids from Costco. I have had constant problems with them. Frequent issues with the receivers going out and loud

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Costco's Kirkland HA

Very unhappy with the hearing aids I got two years ago from Costco. Never fit properly despite many trips back to the store. These were over-the-ear

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Complete SATISFACTION w/ Costco Kirkland Signature Hearing Aids

I had my custom hearing aids stolen after having them provided by the University of Michigan Audiology Department following several fittings. Desperate

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Don't Buy Costco/Kirkland Signature Brand Hearing Aids!

I would not buy Costco/Kirkland Signature hearing aids. They are HORRIBLE!!!! Bought them in 2013. Nothing but aggravation and problems. Had them in

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We have been using our Interton from past 12 months and from the beginning we are facing problems of some unwanted sound and irritation from it, we asked

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Google Review of Audibel Hearing Aids

I am presently using my second set of hearing aids. The first set lasted 7 years before they were unable to meet my needs. The new set is great. I can

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Great unless you live abroad

I purchased a pair of Legend 17 devices in Virginia and received great service. Very professional. I left feeling like I'd been given a new lease on life

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Costco would not sell me the Kirkland for $1,799

I wanted to buy the Kirkland for $1,799 and the audiologist told me it was not powerful enough and sold me the Bernafon for $2,600 . She never showed

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Ten year hearing aid user

I was so glad when Audibel opened their new store in Pinehurst, NC. I purchased my first pair of hearing aids from Audibel 10 years ago and could not

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Review of Audibel Hearing Aid Center

As a senior I have found my hearing to be worsening over the years. At first it wasn't too bad so I decided to ignore my clearly failing hearing because

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Terrible Terrible Terrible

Most hearing aids that I have bought over the course of my life has lasted me a minimum of 8 years. I bought these 2 years ago and have sent them back

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Rexton Hearing Aid from COSTCO

A first time user and didn't know what to expect. Have been back for reprogramming and adjustment several times. Very disappointed. I Cannot hear if

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