Affordable Digital Hearing Aids Review

Features to Look for in Affordable Digital Hearing Aids

When looking for digital hearing aids, you have to check for key types of features to make sure that the hearing aid you select is not only affordable, but also useful. One of the main features to look for is feedback suppression and the ability to use a hearing aid with a telephone.

In today’s world, it seems everyone uses a telephone or cell phone to stay in touch with work or home. If you can’t use your cell phone with your hearing aid, what’s the point of having one?

Look for some of the smart features in your hearing device created with digital signal processing. You don’t have to eliminate technology when you purchase affordable digital hearing aids.

Many of the more inexpensive hearing devices offer smart features such as noise reduction, voice amplification and feedback suppression, triggered by the digital signal-processing feature. Noise reduction automatically differentiates between background noise and speech, particularly when there’s non-fluctuating noise. It enables the listener to hear a speaker better. Combined with a directional microphone, it can dramatically improve the level how you hear others speak.

Feedback suppression will avoid the irritating and sometimes painful or embarrassing whistle caused by sound from the speaker traveling back into the microphone and receiving a second dose of amplification. It occurs because sound doesn’t just move in a straight line but in all directions, unless you block it somehow. The size of the hearing aid makes a difference on whether you’ll have feedback.

A smaller size has the microphone closer to the speaker and increases the potential for feedback. The volume you set your hearing aid also makes a difference. Since directing the sound is important, sometimes venting or ill-fitting hearing devices leave gaps that allow feedback. When you look for affordable digital hearing aids, make sure they have a feedback reduction feature to avoid this.

The chance of using a hearing device comfortably with a cell phone can increase if you have affordable digital hearing aids with Bluetooth technology. For someone on the telephone constantly, this is your best solution. Not everyone needs Bluetooth technology. For those on the phone only occasionally, you can also use the rating system the FCC requires manufacturers to put on both cell phones and hearing aids. Never use a cell phone with a rating lower than M3 if you have a hearing aid and the higher the rating, the better. Hearing devices should have a rating of T3 or T4 if you want to use them with cell phones. In order to hear conversations easier, you should add the two ratings together. If the combined rating is 5, then it’s considered acceptable with 6 being excellent.

As noted earlier, a noise reduction feature is important, but so are directional microphones. If you find affordable digital hearing aids with directional microphones, you often can hear speech better. Some directional microphones are automatic and turn on when the sound in a room is too noisy. They point toward the important sounds of speech.

These are particularly important if your sound environment includes large gatherings. However, for those who exist in a quieter environment, directional microphones aren’t that important.

Another feature to look for in affordable digital hearing aids is the number of channels and bands the hearing aids offer. Both of these have to do with the components of sound. Bands indicate the amount of volume adjustments. If you have more bands, you have more ability to increase or decrease the sound.

The channels are the various frequencies important to hearing speech well. When you have a hearing aid with multiple channels, you can adjust the sound for each frequency. For those with a high frequency loss, you can simply amplify the high frequencies but keep the low frequencies normal. The more channels offered, the more your hearing aid provider can adjust the hearing device to your specific hearing loss. He can increase the volume on certain frequencies and lower it on others, making hearing conversation easier.

Good affordable digital hearing aids offer multiple channels. Many hearing aid specialists recommend at least 4 channels, with 16 or more being the best.

You also need to make sure the affordable digital hearing aids are best for your type of hearing loss. If you have profound or severe hearing loss, your needs are far different from those with mild hearing loss.

Not all hearing aids are the best for every type of loss. While you might want to have the top of the line hearing device with all the bells and whistles, if you have only a mild hearing loss, you might be spending too much money. Those with a severe or profound hearing may require all the features in order to hear clearly.

Choosing the style can also reduce the cost and aid in solving your quest for affordable digital hearing aids. Open fit hearing devices and receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) are less expensive than custom fitted types, such as completely in the canal, in-the-ear or in-the-canal. That’s because there is no need to make an ear mold to create them. These are similar to off the rack clothing compared to a custom made suit or dress.

The expense of specifically fitting the hearing aid and creating a one-of-a-kind device to fit your ear or canal increases the cost. Many of the open fit or RIC devices are far less visible than those in the ear are but often cost less because they don’t have to be special ordered.

If you do have custom-made affordable digital hearing aids, make certain they include venting. Venting avoids occlusion. Occlusion is that stuffed up feeling in the ears that you often have after flying. It occurs because the bone conducted sounds bounce off the object plugging the ear canal and reflect back to the eardrum. Normally it increases low frequency sounds to make it sound like you’re talking with your fingers in your ears. While the very design of the open fit designs avoids occlusion due to natural venting, you have to make certain that the custom designed models include it.

If you have severe hearing loss, your hearing devices will probably cost more than those with mild hearing loss do. Another factor in the cost for affordable digital hearing aids is the noise environment. If you live a quiet life, seldom socializing, you can often pay less for your hearing aid with satisfactory results. For those who have a noisy hearing environment filled with varying sounds and background noise, the cheapest hearing aids often won’t be satisfactory.

You need to talk with your hearing aid provider about the best solution for your situation when looking for affordable digital hearing aids. Unless you know your needs and understand hearing aids, it’s always best to talk to several professionals and do your research. It doesn’t hurt to get a second or even a third opinion when selecting affordable hearing aids. Even though these are affordable, they still cost a considerable amount. There’s no use purchasing a product that isn’t the best for your type of hearing loss, when you can have one that makes hearing the world around you clearer, often for the same price or less.

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