Starkey Amp Hearing Aid Reviews

Hear Clearer Immediately with an Amp Hearing Aid

If you've finally made the decision to do something about your difficulty hearing, you don't want to wait for fittings and special orders. A Starkey Amp hearing device won't make you wait. In fact, in just one visit, you'll be able to hear conversations clearer and enjoy the soft sounds of Mother Nature. Best of all, nobody will know you're wearing a hearing aid. The Amp hearing aid fits invisibly in your ear.

The Starkey Amp is an invisible-in-the-canal hearing device for people with hearing loss that ranges from mild to moderately severe. It's Starkey's first invisible, custom, digital fully programmable hearing device featuring the latest technology. Now you'll never have to miss another word of a conversation or ask the speaker to repeat, which often makes you look older than a hearing aid would. You'll hear clearly and be able to join into the fun. The Starkey Amp also filters out background noise, so you'll hear clearly even over lunch in a busy restaurant.

Features of the Starkey Amp Hearing Aid

Invisible-In-The-Canal Design: No one but you will know you're wearing a hearing aid. The hearing aid hides in the ear canal right behind the first bend in the ear. In most cases, even people looking directly in your ears will never have a clue you're wearing a hearing device.

PureWave Feedback Eliminator: Because the Amp hearing aid is completely in the canal, it requires a different type of feedback eliminator due to different acoustic characteristics. PureWave Feedback Eliminator allows the hearing device to offer more stable gain just below the point of feedback and significant sound quality when there are complex tones. It eliminates any whistling and buzzing.

T2 Remote Technology: This new technology on the Amp hearing device enables the user to adjust volume settings, mute and un-mute and change memory with the use of almost any touch-tone phone. The phone must have DTMF, dual tone multi-frequency capability. That simply means that each tone represents a different digit. Most touch-tone phones have this capability. This capability also allows the hearing professional to track changes made and adjust the settings accordingly. He can make the changes permanent if desired.

Voice iQ²: Hearing speech is often the main reason people need a hearing aid. Sometimes background noise interferes, particularly if the setting is extremely noisy. Most people find that attempting to listen to someone talking when background noise interferes is wearing and difficult. Voice iQ² aids in understanding speech in noisy areas to help eliminate the extra effort.

Spectral iQ: Often higher frequency sounds are more difficult to hear. Spectral iQ reproduces those difficult to hear sounds and lowers the frequencies to expand the range of hearing.

The Amp hearing aid design is similar to an amplifier. It's especially for the person who hasn't required a hearing device previously, but now finds it impossible to join in conversations without asking someone to repeat the last phrase. It offers technology to help lower background noise while increasing vocal sounds.

The unit is invisible and ready to wear immediately since fitting the Amp hearing instrument due to the "elastomeric sleeve," which allows adjustments for varying sizes of ear canals, while allowing adequate ventilation to prevent occlusion.

There's no need to take an ear mold impression with the Amp, simply allow your hearing professional to recommend the small, medium or the large size. Even though the Amp hearing aid is tiny and invisible to others, it is still easy to remove. You simply tug on the clear plastic tab that extends slightly out of the ear canal. Because you remove it daily, it promotes ear canal health and better hearing.

The position of the Starkey Amp hearing aid, in the ear canal rather than outside it, gives the user hearing that more closely matches natural hearing. Yet this tiny gadget is cosmetically pleasing and very reasonably priced. While it isn't a one-size-fits-all design, it is a one-size-fits-most one. The Amp offers the latest digital technology and provides a solution for almost 70 percent of those with hearing loss. If offers four preset starting points and allows the audiologist to fine-tune the device to meet specific hearing problems. Normally, those with mild high-frequency hearing loss will find the Amp hearing aid quite helpful.

The Amp hearing instrument uses size 10 batteries. It also comes with a magnetic tool for increasing or decreasing the volume on the hearing aids. It's the perfect hearing device if you've just begun to lose the ability to hear and promoted as a "starter" hearing aid, but still excellent for those who have used other types of hearing aids.

The price on the Starkey Amp is quite reasonable as noted previously. Each hearing aid runs approximately $750, $1500 for the set according to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. While that might sound like a lot of money, compared to other invisible-in-the-canal or other type of hearing devices, it's quite reasonable.

Starkey Laboratories, Inc. received The International CES Innovations 20112 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for the production of the Amp hearing aid. President Jerry Ruzicka noted the company was proud of their new design that helped people overcome previous misconceptions of hearing aids or unwillingness to wear them. The International CES is part of the Consumer Electronics Association and the world's largest trade show for consumer electronics.

Even though the Amp hearing aid isn't suitable for every person, those who can wear the devices love the comfortable fit of the Starkey Amp hearing aid. They fit snugly in your ear and except for the new clarity of sound, you won't notice you have them in and neither will other people. There's no need to schedule repeat visits to the audiologist, either. Once the audiologist sets the devices, on the first visit, you're ready to face the world with new found hearing help and others will never suspect.

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