Audibel Hearing Aid Repair

by Paul Braun
(Caldwell, idaho)

I have Platinum hearing aids I have been very happy with. They are six years old and I have damaged the exterior of one. The local dealer tells me they will no longer repair them and is trying to sell me new ones instead.

Is this true they will not repair a six year old hearing aid. Other company's tell me they will repair them up to ten years.

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Aug 09, 2016
Lousy aid and service
by: Steve Reznick

I paid a lot of money for my hearing aids and they continually fall out and once I had to buy another aid as I lost one. I took one in to be repaired.

After 2 weeks I was told that the factory will not repair it? It took me another week of constant calling until I finally got a call back and I was told that they don't mail aids so I had to drive a total of 2 hours to finally pick it up.

Aug 14, 2015
Hearing Aid Repairs
by: Ron Allander NBC-HIS


Most manufacturers consider their hearing aids obsolete after they have been on the market for eight years or longer. So it is possible that Audibel would no longer repair your damaged hearing aid.

However, Starkey Labs, which happens to be the parent company of Audibel, has an "Allmake" repair lab. They will repair any hearing aid make or model. I have sent hearing aids to them that were well over ten years old and they have repaired them.

I would suggest finding a local hearing aid dispenser that works with Starkey. At a minimum they could send it to Starkey to find out if the casing could be repaired or replaced and give you an estimate.

I hope this helps.

Ron Allander, NBC-HIS

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