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Audibel hearing aids is a company that falls under the parent of Starkey Laboratories. Starkey began as Professional Hearing Aid Service in 1967 by William Austin. He was the first to introduce fixed service pricing.

William Austin continues his service to the people and over the next few decades he introduces video and book series to educate the consumer in hearing aids and hearing loss. The company expands to be worldwide as well.

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Audible hearing aids are offered to patients with a philosophy that people are on a life journey to better hearing. The individual is treated in whole, rather than just in part for the hearing loss only.

The people of Audibel are civic minded and generous of heart as they participate in the Starkey Hearing Foundation that offers hearing instruments to the needed and the staff will learn your name as they greet you with open arms and educate you all along your hearing journey.

Education in Hearing

Audibel hearing aids will provide the patient with a hearing aid guide that explains what should be expected from wearing a hearing aid, how to care for the aid, a troubleshooting guide and how to adjust to the new type of hearing. This is a great added bonus, as the patient will be less surprised and confused over the difference that happens virtually overnight once the aids are programmed and fitted to the desired specs.

Within this booklet it is pointed out that throughout life, before a hearing loss, the brain does all the thinking as it distinguishes one sound from another, whether in a quiet area or a crowded and noisy room. The hearing aid will be programmed to do this for the user and all Audibel hearing aids come with a program feature that allows it to figure out what the sounds are that surround the patient so that it can help with the discrimination. If there is too much difficulty in adjustment, Audibel offers educational classes to ease in the transition.

There is a good selection of Audibel hearing aids so that any lifestyle may be satisfied. For instance, the Anthem Bronze and Anthem Plus are specific for those looking for help in one-on-one conversations making them perfect for situations with minimal background noise. These aids come with excellent technology to aid in understanding sound in any soundscape.

All the Bells and WhistleFree

WhistleFree feedback cancellation will stop buzzing and whistling, Superior Speech Locator which will increase the chances that the user will be able to hear the voices directly in front of them, even in noisy surroundings. EZ Touch allows the Anthem line to work with touch control and this is backed with intuitive features as well. Automatic Telephone Response and Television Processing helps you hear through the electronics in your home.

Another Audible hearing aid product is the Range. The engineering fetes of this hearing instrument offer reduced listening effort in noisy environments, easier listening of music and television, aids in phone calls, comes with no whistle or buzz - all of this and it's also customizable. The Range can be connected to a transmitter to stream TV, music and sound from the computer directly into the hearing aid. IRIS technology and Ear-to-Ear wireless communication make this possible.

The Invisble Invisibel

When the hearing impaired wishes not to "show off" the fact that s/he is wearing a hearing aid, then perhaps the Invisibel is the choice for them. This Audibel hearing aid is aptly named, as it is set to fit within the ear canal so as not to make it visible to anyone. It is totally programmable and digital. The added bonus is it is designed to be removed daily so that your ear remains healthy. The technology allows for virtually zero feedback or whistling and even aids in crystal clear phone conversations.

Moisture Protection

Audibel hearing aids come in seven different styles to fit the needs of the patient. BTE, RIC, ITC, CIC and IIC are just a few. Each option comes with the technology of HydraShield which is a proprietary moisture protection system that protects against moisture, humidity and corrosion.

Whether the hearing loss is major or minor, there is an Audibel hearing aid perfect to suit the needs to make the lifelong hearing journey a grand and successful one.

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