Audina Cue Hearing Aids Review

Audina Cue Hearing Aids Marry Nature and Technology

Audina is a privately owned Florida hearing aid company that began in 1989. The company has a wide selection of styles and models, which include both digital and analog hearing devices.

One of the more popular families of digital hearing devices offered by the company is the Audina Cue hearing aids. These hearing devices come in two models. One is a custom designed device and the other a mini behind the ear device known as the Audina Cue MRIC.

Custom Cue Hearing Aids

Custom Audina Cue hearing Aids are the smallest of the Audina devices. The introduction of the digital technology, shell fabrication and the packaging of the microchip in the world of hearing aids allowed the Audina Company to package advanced technology into this small device that fits deeply into the hearing canal for a truly invisible device.

The Cue Custom fit invisible in the canal device doesn’t require a remote, even though it is deep into the ear. You don’t have to remove it to change the channels when you change hearing environments. Instead, it offers SoftTouch technology, which allows the wearer to adjust the device and change to a different listening program with the simple touch to the side of the head, directly in front of the ear.

Since the Cue Invisible in the Canal device is custom fit, it requires more than one appointment with your hearing device provider. The device fits past the hearing devices were nearly invisible since the fit into the ear canal (CIC), but now, the Cue and other invisible in the canal (IIC) devices fit beyond the second bend in the canal making them completely invisible. The IIC devices are those where the faceplate of the hearing aid is located either at or very close to the second bend in your ear canal. This makes it far closer to the eardrum than previous devices and gives it advantages other styles of hearing aids don’t offer, such as lowering the potential for feedback and the need for as much amplification and power. Since everyone’s ear canal is different, the hearing device provider must make a mold of the canal, so the device’s fit is specifically for your canal size and shape.

The key to the most comfortable fit for the Audina Cue hearing aids is the correct ear canal impression. The normal procedure is first to take the patient’s history and if there is no hearing profile, run a series of tests. Then the hearing device provider takes specific safety precautions and places a flat oto-dam in the ear, very close to the tympanic membrane. The oto-dam is a spongy disc plug with a ventilation tube attached that stops the flow of the silicon material the hearing device provider then fills into the ear canal. The tube allows for venting so there’s no air pressure build up during the procedure.

This mold then goes to the company where specialists then create the custom fit shell and add the necessary technology for the Audina Cue hearing aids. There’s a bit of a wait, which often varies but normally takes about two weeks for this process before your second appointment with the hearing device provider. When the hearing device provider puts the IIC device into the canal, there are also a series of tests to fine tune the device. While you might not have the same type of hearing or perfect hearing you had prior to the loss, you’ll notice an immediate dramatic improvement in understanding speech and hearing tones you couldn’t hear previously.

Features of the IIC Audina Cue Hearing Aids

SoftTouch Technology:

SoftTouch Technology on the IIC Audina Cue Aids allows the user to change the memory of the hearing device to allow for different listening environments easily. A simple tap to the cheek, directly in front of the ear changes the programs.

Natural Venting:

The design allows for natural venting so there’s no occlusion, which is the hollow sound and stuffed up feeling as though you are listening in a barrel.

Totally Invisible: No one ever has to know you’re wearing a hearing aid when you wear this style of Audina Cue hearing aids. With the SoftTouch technology and invisible design, they’ll only notice you’re participating more in the conversation and asking them to repeat less.

Nature Merges with Technology

Because the hearing device is deep within the canal, it uses the natural shape of the ear to capture the sound and identify the direction of it. It’s the perfect blend of nature and technology.

Audina Cue MRIC

The Audina Cue MRIC hearing device is a mini-behind-the-ear device with the microphone and receiver in the canal. These devices, while not invisible, are almost imperceptible because they fit behind the ear with a clear plastic tube that leads into the ear canal. The Audina Cue hearing aids have a clear plastic dome that fits on the end of the tubing and in the ear canal. Because there’s no need to fit the device, you’ll be able to have improved hearing on the first visit to the hearing device provider.


The Audina Cue MRIC uses nature and technology for the success of this hearing device.

Elimination of Wind Noise:

Fitting the microphone inside the ear canal prevents the hearing device from picking up wind noises, often a problem with other hearing aids. The user hears the same amount of wind noise as those who hear normally, allowing them to participate in all their favorite outdoor activities.

Capturing the Sound

The Audina Cue hearing aids use the outer ear to capture the sound, just as those with normal hearing do. Due to the placement of the microphone in the ear canal, the hearing device picks up the vibrations amplifying them to clear natural sounds.


SoftTouch means you’ll never have to fiddle with your hearing device to change memories. You simply touch the side of your head, in front of the ear, and adjust for various listening environments. You don’t have to use a remote, push a button or turn a dial to have the appropriate program.

Hear the Direction

The Audina Cue hearing aids offer directionality and allow the user to identify the direction of the sound and focus on specific conversations they want to hear because it uses the natural shape of the ear.

Immediately Available:

There is no ear impression or fitting required for the Audina Cue MRIC. The dome containing the microphone and receiver, which fits in the ear canal, is made of flexible soft material that adjusts to the size of your canal and has both closed and open versions.

The marriage of nature and technology in the Audina Cue MRIC means better, more comfortable hearing for the wearer. This simple device takes advantage of the shape and design of the ear and incorporates it with the latest technology for a comfortable fit. Just like invisible in the canal Audina Cue hearing aids, quality is the primary goal.

The mission of the Audina Company is to provide exceptional quality and excellent customer service. The company works to improve their products while offering excellent customer service.

The Audina Cue hearing aids are a result of their pledge to quality. Their commitment to excellence in these two areas, quality and service, are the reasons that the Audina Company is in the top ten of hearing aid providers.

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