Audina Flx Hearing Aid Review

The Audina Flx hearing aid, An Ergonomically Designed Device for Active People

Audina Hearing Instruments, Inc. is a privately owned American company located in Florida that has branches in 22 countries and exports hearing aids to 45 countries. The company started in 1990 and they use advanced technology besides offering a comprehensive product line, which includes both digital and analog hearing devices.

It is one of the top 10 hearing aid companies and recognized as an industry leader. One of their primary goals is excellent customer service. In addition to other hearing aid models, they produce the Audina Flx hearing aid.

The Flx, an Open Fit Model

The Audina Flx is an open fit model, which comes in both the behind-the-ear and mini behind-the-ear style. The hearing device offers a patent-pending ergonomic design that makes the fit far more comfortable that earlier designed BTE models. The device offers the iScroll Digital volume control and push-button memory switch, so it’s also easy to adjust for those who have a difficult time with dexterity. Due to the design, you can wear it over the ear or behind the ear. You can get the Audina Flx with a custom ear mold or the open fit ear bud.

Since the model is a BTE or mini BTE, you may not have to go through more than one appointment to start hearing better. These models, unless you get a custom fit ear mold, are ready to go and fine tune to your specific hearing needs. There’s no need to sit for an ear mold, a process where they make a mold of the inside of the ear or ear canal, eliminating much of the anxiety often felt by people who are buying their first hearing device. The Audina Flx hearing aid is ready if the hearing aid provider recommends it.

Features of the Audina Flx Hearing Aid

Design: The Audina Company focuses on the patient and that’s why they created the patent-pending contoured ergonomic design. This new design is far more comfortable than any BTE or over-the-ear hearing aid before it.

iScroll: Unfortunately, hearing loss often occurs with age, as does the decline of dexterity. The small volume buttons on hearing aids are difficult to work with if that occurs. The Audina Flx hearing aid offers iScroll volume control. The smooth gliding roller makes adjustments easy even if your fingers aren’t helping as much as you’d like.

Push Button Memory: You’ll never have to fiddle around to find the memory switch on the user-friendly Audina Flx. The easy-to-locate memory switch is also easy to operate.

Adaptive Directionality: The adaptive directionality feature on the Audina Flx hearing instrument will switch the microphone setting automatically based on the listening environment. It also adapts to the source of speech at the time. It makes adjusting your hearing device unnecessary when you change listening environments.

Programmable Dual Microphone System: If you don’t want to allow Adaptive Directionality to switch the mode automatically on the Flx, you can use the programmable dual microphone system and choose from the various listening modes by clicking the memory button.

Adaptive Feedback Cancellation System: You’ll be the one whistling, not your hearing aid with the Audina Flx Adaptive Feedback Cancellation system constantly monitoring.

Programmable Power-on Delay: If you’ve ever had feedback when you’re trying to get your hearing device in position, you’ll appreciate the Programmable Power-on Delay feature of the Audina Flx. The delay gives you time to get it into position and four different time-delay settings to give the fastest and slowest user the perfect setting.

Environmental Recognition System-ERS: You can reduce the environmental noise in even the most extreme settings with the Flx hearing aids ERS feature. There are a number of settings for minimum or maximum reduction.

Event Data Logging: Your hearing aid provider will love the Event Data Logging records to help him adjust your settings and you will too. This feature enhances the ability of your hearing device specialist to be more accurate with your settings and programs. The Audina Flx records such events as program changes, volume control changes and even low battery notifications.

Triple Perspiration Proof: If you’re an active in sports or live in a warm humid area, you’ll want the triple perspiration proof casing offered on the Audina Flx hearing aid. The three layers offer more protection from the damage caused by perspiration.

Multi Channels: You’ll find the Audina Flx offers 12 channels. There are 8 adjustable wide dynamic range channels—WDRC with 8 separate maximum power output—MPO--controls. There’s also a 12 Band Gain Equalizer Adjustment and four different programmable memories on the hearing device.

Programmable Telecoil: You’ll never have a problem listening on the phone or in meetings with a PA system. The Audina Flx hearing aid offers a powerful programmable telecoil with dual coils for cell available.

Colors: The Flx comes in two-tone metallic finishes.

Warranty: The Audina Flx hearing aid has the standard Audina two-year warranty.

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