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Audina hearing aids come from a company located in Florida. Audina Hearing Instruments Co, Inc. began in 1989 and remains a privately owned hearing device company. While it’s not a tiny company, ranking in the top ten of manufacturers, it only employs between 50 and 100 people in the US and is one of the “Made in America” hearing aids. However, it has several distribution offices located in 22 countries and exports to 45 countries. Audina has a broad category of hearing devices and still offers analog hearing aids in addition to the digital hearing devices.


Audina carries a variety of styles in hearing aids. These include invisible-in-the-canal (IIC), completely-in-the-canal (CIC), in-the-canal (ITC), in-the-ear (ITE), behind-the-ear (BTE) and mini BTE. The smallest devices are the IIC hearing aids. They fit deep into the canal and you’re the only one who knows you’re wearing a hearing aid. All but the behind-the-ear and mini BTE styles are custom fit. Some of these styles are available in both analog and digital.

Custom Audina Analog Hearing Aids

Custom analog Audina hearing aids come in four styles; Class A, Class B, Class D and Super 60. The class of hearing aids denotes the amplifiers used. Digital hearing aids have digital amplifiers while the analog offer the various levels of amplification.

Class A:

The Class A amplifiers were the first ones used in hearing aids and are the least expensive. However, they have high amounts of distortion and because they’re always on, drain the battery considerably more than others do.

Class B:

The Class B amplifier divides the signal into two parts sent to transistor pairs within the hearing aid and often called the “push-pull” circuitry. One side always is on while the second transistor pair is not. Class B hearing devices can give plenty of power for those with severe-to-profound hearing loss and yet not have the distortion. However, these types of analog hearing aids do have more battery drain too.

Class D:

The Class D analog Audina hearing aids have a far better quality of sound than the A or B. The hearing aid amplifier is only on when there is incoming noise, which increases the battery life. This type of amplifier also reduces the level of harmonic distortion and allows the user to hear sound without as much distortion as the Class A and Class B amplifiers. It makes the sounds clearer even in noisy areas.

The Audina Super 60:

The Audina Super 60 is available in both the analog and digital models. It offers high power and high output. The Super 60 is a full shell hearing aid with a soft shell called Otoseal that fits to your ear canal as it warms. This material insures the user has a comfortable seal but still allows for increased gain without worrying about feedback.

Digital Custom Fit Audina Hearing Aids

The digital Audina hearing aids come in custom styles also.


Xtreme Canal Options are available on the Intellio and select styles of the Intuition hearing aids. These fitted devices offer flexible programming and are invisible to others.


The Cue is a totally invisible hearing device that fits deep into the canal and the smallest size offered by Audina. In order to change programming for different hearing environments, you simply need to use a small touch to the side of the ear.

Other Digital Hearing Aids

However, these are not all the products offered by Audina. They also have non-custom fit mini behind-the-ear and behind-the-ear styles. The mini-BTE offers a variety of styles from which to choose. These include Cue Mric (microphone and receiver in the canal), flx, Sparrow, Sparrow 12, Sparrow AD, Sparrow 2, nVe AD and nVe 4. These are immediate fit hearing aids. There’s no need to go through the hassle of the fitting or waiting for your hearing aid to arrive. You’ll walk out with improved hearing the first visit.

Mini BTECue Mric:

The Cue Mric has SoftTouch, a priority technology for Audina hearing aids that allows you to tap your ear and adjust the memory programs to the listening environment. You don’t have to press any buttons or hunt for a remote when you have SoftTouch. Changing your hearing program to accommodate the environment is simple and discrete. The Cue Mric offers 12 channels for more precise tuning and has an environmental recognition system as well as feedback cancelation. Since the receiver is in the canal, you don’t have to worry about wind noise either.


If you want comfort, check out Flx from Audina. The design is a patent-pending ergonomic one that fits over the ear or behind the ear, depending on your preference. It offers an easy to adjust volume control called iScroll. iScroll is perfect for those who have problems with dexterity since it uses a roller. It also offers push-button memory.


There are various open fit Audina Sparo hearing aids. Each one has a special feature to differentiate it from the others. The Sparo is a four-channel hearing aid offering much of the advanced technology. It has multiple memory for easy adjustment to most listening environments and gives a clear sound without distortion. The Sparo 2 only has two channels and offers up to four listening environment memories. Sparo AD includes the Adaptive Directionality feature. This feature monitors the various sound environments and switches to the right one without ever pushing a button. It offers four channels, an environmental recognition system and Softwave System in the event there’s an abrupt noise. The final style in the Sparo family is the Sparo 12. As its name implies, there are 12 channels. It offers an Adaptive Feedback Cancellation system that’s 6 times faster than earlier ones. In fact, it’s only 300-milliseconds. This hearing aid also offers Adaptive Directionality microphones.


There are two nVe models the nVe 4 and the nVe AD. Both of these Audina hearing aids are receiver in the canal styles and therefore open fit. Open fit hearing devices, such as most BTE and mini BTE models help eliminate occlusion since they don’t block the ear canal. The nVe AD model offers Adaptive Directionality. This feature monitors your listening environment and then selects the one that’s optimal for your comfort. It also offers Softwave, a system which gives a clear signal even if there are abrupt sounds. If you’re in a noisy environment, the Environmental Recognition System can help improve your comfort and quality of listening. The nVe 4 has many of the same programs but doesn’t offer Adaptive Directionality. It has four channels, as the name indicates.

Behind the Ear Digital Models

Just like the mini BTE, Audina offers a wide selection in BTE models. These include the flx, Intuition family, Opti-Trim, Simplex family and BTE 478 designs.


Like all open fit digital Audina hearing aids, the flx’s design prevents occlusion, the feeling of talking in a barrel, normally felt when something blocks the ear canal. Just like the mini BTE flx, Audina designed these hearing devices ergonomically for comfort. They contain the same features as the mini BTE but are a bit larger.


The family of Intuition hearing aids includes the Intuition 4AD, Intuition 4+, Intuition 2fc and Intuition 2.

Intuition 4AD:

If you want state-of-the-art technology for clear sound without distortion once found in hearing devices, you’ll love the Intuition 4AD. As the name implies, it offers the Adaptive Directionality found in other Audina hearing aids, which allows the hearing device to switch from a wide area to a directional response automatically when the noise level requires it. It has feedback cancellation, crisp digital sound and gives up to 22dB added stable gain, to improve a wider range of hearing loss.

Intuition 4+

This four channel BTE is one of the most versatile of the Audina hearing aids. You’ll find the programs give you more listening enjoyment when switching from a loud environment to one that’s quieter. The Intuition 4+ responds to all background noise, regardless of the intensity. It aids in providing a clearer understanding of the speech of others.

Intuition 2fc:

You’ll appreciate the feedback cancellation that eliminates whistling on this two cannel BTE. This model offers a multi-memory tone indicator and provides resistance for tonal artifacts often found with timer alarms, bells and auto horns.

Intuition 2

While this hearing device doesn’t have many of the bells and whistles offered by other Intuition models, it is a great entry-level model with two channels and four memories. The Dynamic Contrast Detection offered in these Audina hearing aids, enhances the speech of others without distorting it. It has a manual adjustable volume control.


The Opti-Trim offers three trimmer adjustments to modify the sound and offer greater flexibility. In addition, it has two channels, Softwave System for a clear signal in the presence of abrupt sounds and a preset memory, including low battery tones.

Simplex Family:

There are three Simplex models; Simplex, Simplex 2 and Simplex 2P.


These Audina hearing aids are the simplest of the Simplex family. You don’t need computers or software to adjust the configuration. It offers push buttons and low battery tones.

Simplex 2:

The Simplex 2 allows for trimmer-adjustments for greater flexibility in modifying the sound. This push button hearing device has two channels, the Softwave System and low battery tones.

Simplex 2P:

Like the other members of the Simplex family of Audina hearing aids, the Simplex 2P has multi-memory push buttons with a tone indicator, Softwave System and low battery tones. It also has a programmable memory and is high fidelity.

BTE 478 Family:

BTE 478:

You’ll not get all the bells and whistles with this fully programmable single channel hearing device, but you will have a high output and high gain digital hearing aid. While these Audina hearing aids are simpler, they do have low battery tones and mode push buttons that include tone indicators.

BTE 478P

This upgrade of the BTE 478 offers two channels and you can program it for as many as three different listening environments in addition to the other features offered by the BTE 478. You’ll find that the preset expansion gives you a quieter performance.

Regardless of which hearing aid you select from Audina, the company takes pride in the model and personal service that comes with it. This privately owned American company is one of the leaders in the hearing aid industry and strives for the best for their customers, both in products they provide and service.

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