Audina Intellio Hearing Aids Review

Audina Intellio Hearing Aids Are Custom Fit Solutions for Improved Hearing

Audina is a privately owned company that’s one of the top producers of hearing devices. The company began in 1989 in Florida and produces both analog and digital hearing devices.

It offers custom fit designs and not fitted devices such as mini behind-the-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aids. Popular custom hearing devices include the Intellio hearing aids.

Audina Intellio Hearing Instruments Offer Advanced Technology

Intellio hearing instruments are custom fit and contain the most sophisticated latest advancements.

If you haven’t searched for a new hearing aid recently, you’ll be surprised at all the changes in the technology the past few years, primarily due to the change to digital and the new ability to use high tech programming.

The Intellio contains features using nano-technology and provide high quality performance to increase the user’s ability to hear sounds they might miss with other hearing devices.

Styles of the Intellio

The Audina hearing aids come in a variety of custom fit styles. One of the newer styles is IIC, Invisible-in-the-canal. This style is so tiny that it can go deeply into the canal, behind the second bend. It’s virtually impossible for anyone to see the device, so you’re the only one who knows you’re wearing it.

The second style is almost invisible since it is completely-in-the-canal, CIC. It’s slightly larger than the IIC design but still fits comfortably while being very discreet. Those with a very narrow hearing canal may not be able to wear this style of Audina Intellio hearing aids. These hearing devices also work best for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

While visible, the In-the-canal, ITC, Audina Intellio hearing aids are larger and more visible than the other two styles, but still smaller than the larger in-the-ear style. However, if your hearing loss is moderately severe, this design may be the one you select.

The in-the-ear, ITE, custom Audina Intellio hearing devices are the most visible of all the designs offered by Audina. This design isn’t as discreet as the others but the easy use controls and size is a benefit for those with dexterity problems. It is also for people whose hearing loss ranges from mild to moderately severe.

Custom Fit

The Intellio hearing aids are custom fit, which means you have to sit for a fitting and wait for the people at Audina to make your custom hearing aid. The first appointment, the hearing device provider takes a mold of the ear or ear canal, depending on the style you select, to make certain the device fits you perfectly. A good mold of the ear is the most important part of creating a comfortable hearing device. In addition to taking a mold, the hearing device provider also may run a series of tests if you don’t already have a hearing profile and ask you history.

Since there’s silicon material poured into your ear, the hearing provider uses an oto-dam first, to stop the flow at the right point. An oto-dam is a flat top spongy disc with a tube for ventilation that prevents pressure build up during the mold making. The oto-dam stops the flow of the molding material. This is a safety precaution and is particularly important for the invisible-in-the canal Audina Intellio hearing aids that insert close to the tympanic membrane.

The hearing aid provider sends the mold to Audina where experienced specialists create the shell and then add the technology you requested. The creation of the new Intellio custom fit aid takes approximately two weeks after the hearing device specialist sends the mold. The second appointment involves fine-tuning the device to your specific hearing loss and making certain you have a comfortable fit.

Features of the Audina Intellio Hearing Aids


The Intellio hearing instrument premiere feature is IntelliScan. This feature adjusts the hearing device automatically for various listening environments such as a noisy get together, quiet moment alone or even walking in the roaring wind. There’s no need to press any buttons or grab a remote with the IntelliScan feature.


You’ll find your listening comfort enhanced by the addition of EnviroScan. This feature on Audina Intellio hearing aids works with IntelliScan to decipher and adjust for the listening environment.


IntelliSense makes your Intellio hearing device speech friendly, because it offers adaptive smart controls for the directional microphones. IntelliSense allows the microphones to adapt according to the listening environment.

Mirror Image Phasing:

Sometimes entrainment occurs from the hearing aids failed attempt to cancel certain input. Patients normally describe entrainment as feedback that occurs after the sound stops, echoes or additional tones. Mirror Image Phasing on Audina hearing aids helps manage entrainment without distorting the signal path.

It does this by producing using the same frequency of the feedback and producing a mirror image that makes it inaudible. With Mirror Image Phasing, there’s no need to adjust the volume. It also doesn’t require the manufacturer to reduce the air vent size, which sometimes causes the problem. Reducing the size of the venting creates new problems such as occlusion, which is that stuffed up feeling that makes it feel like you’re listening in a narrow tunnel or just got off an airplane.

Number of Channels and Programs

Audina Intellio hearing aids have 16 channels for more hearing selections. It also offers as many as four programs. These options make it a versatile hearing device for almost every listening environment.


The Softwave feature on Audina Intellio hearing aids allows the listener to receive a clear signal, even if there are abrupt sounds occurring.

Other Features of the Audina Intellio Hearing Aids.

Intellio hearing aids also feature Digital Volume Control, Data Logging and High Fidelity Audio Processing.

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