Audina Intuition Hearing Aids Review

Audina Intuition Hearing Aids Are Available in a Wide Range of Styles and Models

If you’re investigating the broad range of hearing devices offered by Audina, you might consider Audina Intuition hearing aids. Audina Hearing Instruments Co, Inc, which began in 1989 in Florida, distributes hearing devices to 45 countries and has offices in 22 countries, is one of the leading hearing aid companies that offer both analog and digital hearing devices.

The Intuition hearing aids from Audina come in both custom designs and behind-the-ear models with a variety of different models in each style.

Intuition Provides Sound Clarity and Easier Listening

If you’ve ever found yourself exhausted after dining out, it may be because of the strain of trying to hear a conversation through the background noise of the busy restaurant. That’s where the Audina Intuition hearing device can help.

These devices have a variety of programs you can set for different situations, including noisy ones, such as dining out or a party. The hearing devices help block the background noise and yet increase the clarity of the speech you want to hear.

You won’t have that annoying feedback with the Intuition hearing instruments. The hearing devices have a program that automatically prevents and/or reduces the whistling feedback you might have heard in the past with other hearing devices.

You’ll find yourself looking forward to parties and social occasions again, once you begin wearing the Audina Intuition hearing aids. Hearing clearer means less effort on your part, effort you can invest in enjoying yourself as you used to before the hearing loss. In addition to the benefits of hearing better, the Intuition hearing aids also have improved battery life, meaning you don’t have to change them as often and save money and the hassle of changing the batteries.

Intuition Hearing Aid Styles

Intuition hearing aids come in both custom styles and behind the ear. Since custom styles require fitting, you have to wait approximately two weeks before you can experience the clarity of speech Intuition provides. However, the wait is worth it if you want a discreet hearing device or ones molded specifically for you.

Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) Models

The invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids are ultra-tiny and set deeply in the ear canal so it makes it impossible to see even if looking directly into the ear. Since the IIC device is closer to the eardrum, it doesn’t require as much amplification to get the same crisp clear results.

Since it is tiny, if you have difficulty with dexterity, you might not find it the best model for your needs. Not everyone can wear the IIC style of hearing device due to the shape of the ear canal. There are four different models of Intuition IIC hearing devices, Intuition 12, Intuition 4+, Intuition 2FC and Intuition 2ER.

Completely-in-the Canal (CIC) Models

While the devices are not invisible, the CIC Intuition devices are very difficult for others to see and are almost imperceptible by others. This style of hearing device is the second smallest of the Intuition styles and comes in five models, Intuition 12, Intuition 4+, Intuition 2ER, Intuition 2FC and Intuition 2.

In-the-Canal (ITC) Models

While slightly larger, these devices are still barely visible to others. The Audina Intuition hearing aids are beneficial for those with mild to moderate loss of hearing but some patients with moderately severe hearing loss find them beneficial. The Intuition models available include the Intuition 12, Intuition 4+, Intuition 2ER, Intuition 2FC and Intuition 2.

In-the-Ear (ITE) ModelsThe ITE Audina Intuition hearing aids are the largest of the custom fit and visible. Due to the size, these devices are easier to use by those with limited dexterity.

People with mild to moderately severe hearing loss can use these devices. There are seven different models from which to select, Intuition 12, Intuition 12AD, Intuition 4AD, Intuition 4+, Intuition 2FC, Intuition 2ER and Intuition 2.

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Models

The benefit of the BTE Intuition is that they don’t require several visits for a hearing aid. The non-custom design can have you hearing clearer on the first visit, unless you want a custom ear mold.

The BTE hearing devices are larger and can hold more technology than the smaller devices making it available for more types of hearing loss. It comes in the Intuition 4AD, Intuition 4, Intuition 2FC and Intuition 2.

Features of Audina Intuition Hearing Aids

Depending on the model and style of Audina Intuition hearing aids you select, the features vary. To find out whether the model and style you desire offers these features, check with your hearing device provider.


Don’t worry about an abrupt sound or series of sounds when you wear Audina Intuition hearing aids. The Softwave feature allows you to receive a clear signal, regardless of these noises.

Adaptive Directionality:

If you’re in a noisy environment, another feature of the Audina Intuition hearing aids is adaptive directionality. This feature automatically changes from omni to directional microphones if the noise level warrants.

Adaptive Feedback Cancellation:

The adaptive feedback cancellation feature in the Audina Intuition hearing aids automatically eliminates the annoying feedback and whistles and also tonal artifacts from timer alarms, horns and etc.

Dynamic Contract Detection:

The Audina Intuition hearing instrument Dynamic Contrast Detection feature enhances soft speech without distorting it.

Programmable Power-on Delay:

If you want to avoid feedback or whistling, you either wait until your hearing aid is in the ear or have a power-on delay on the instrument. The Intuition has a programmable power-on delay allows you to select from 4 level settings--soft, quiet, comfortable and normal—and delay the power from 3 to 15 seconds.

Look-Ahead Monitor:

The Audina Intuition hearing aids have a Look-Ahead Monitor that works with the Dynamic Contrast Detection to make adjustments for loud input before you hear it.

Environmental Recognition System:

Some hearing devices amplify even the environmental background sounds such as air conditioning units, fans and wind. This makes listening to speech difficult if not impossible. The Environmental Recognition System feature of the Intuition hearing device monitors and suppresses those sounds while maintaining speech integrity for the listener.

The Audina Intuition hearing aids offer multi channel and program features as well as improved battery life. The number of channels and memories vary depending on the model you select.

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