Audina nVe Hearing Aids Review

Get Receiver-in-the Canal Clarity with the Audina nVe Hearing Aids

Audina Hearing Instruments, Inc. started in 1989. It is one of the top manufacturers of hearing devices and offers a wide variety of hearing aids in both analog and digital models. Its headquarters are in Florida, but it has offices in 22 other countries and distributes in 45 countries.

The Audina nVe hearing aid is one of the newest devices offered by Audina and features the open fit receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) to give extra clarity to listening, without experiencing the muffled sound of occlusion and the “just off the airplane” stuffed up feeling that goes with it.

Comfort and Easy Listening

The Audina nVe eliminates that echoing you often find in other hearing devices. One reason is the placement of the receiver. Unlike other devices, with the receiver (the speaker) in your ear canal, you won’t have the echoing that you have with the receiver in the hearing aid.

It also offers open fit, allowing the ear canal to be open so the stuffed up feeling is non-existent. You’ll like the sound of your own voice again when you wear nVe hearing aids.

RIC devices use the shape of the ear to catch the sound. This means you’ll hear sounds more naturally than it would if the sound came through a thin tube into the canal as it does with many behind-the-ear models. The receiver is closer to the eardrum, so it adds even more clarity to speech and other sounds. You’ll hear more naturally and with greater clarity when you use nVe hearing aids.

The receiver is comfortable and made to fit most ears, but you can add a custom mold earpiece if you like. Comfort is the key with the Audina nVe and hearing naturally. The device is so small, it is difficult for others to tell you’re wearing a hearing aid. The clear plastic tube is almost invisible against the skin. Best of all, the Audina nVe hearing aid is ready for you immediately. There’s no need to take an ear mold unless you want a custom earpiece, so it cuts down on the time it takes to hear others again clearly.

Audina nVe Hearing Aid Features

The nVe hearing aids come in two models, the nVe AD and the nVe 4. The nVe AD, the more expensive model, offers Adaptive Directionality not available on the nVe 4. Both have a reasonable price yet offer a great deal of quality and technology. Both the nVe 4 and the nVe AD work best for those with mild to severe hearing loss.

Environmental Recognition System (ERS): Both models have ERS, which uses three layers at the same time to recognize and eliminate extraneous noise at all levels.

12 Band Gain Adjustment: You’ll find target matching more precise with this feature.

Fully Programmable Telephone Coil: You’ll never have to worry about hearing the speaker at the other end of the phone when you have a fully programmable telephone coil.

Dynamic Contrast Detector: In a loud room, a quiet speaker may be difficult to hear. The Contrast detector amplifies the quiet speech and makes it easier and more comfortable for you to hear.

Bass Boost: This feature is available with Fixed Direction response.

Programmable Power-On Delay: You’ll have time to get your hearing device in place before the Audina nVe hearing aid turns on with programmable power-on delay. It eliminates the irritation of feedback and whistling that often occurs if the power is on before the hearing aid is in place.

Reduction of Background Noise: It’s difficult for those without hearing impairments to identify speech in a noisy environment and almost impossible for the hearing impaired. It becomes a chore when you have to strain to hear the other party. That’s why the Audina nVe hearing aid reduces the background noise for more speech clarity and a more relaxing conversation.

Softwave System: Loud abrupt sounds never have to be a problem again with the Softwave system. Softwave immediately handles the incoming abrupt sounds and makes them more comfortable for the listener.

Multi Channels: There are four channels in the Audina nVe hearing aid, which allow you to program your hearing device for almost any environment from a quiet evening at home to a load noisy convention. With just a push of the button, you can easily change programs.

Receiver Maintenance: Don’t worry about your in-the-canal receiver. It has a NoWax filter and Wax trap to protect the technology inside it.

Low Battery Indicator: You’ll never have to worry about your battery suddenly going dead. The Audina nVe hearing aid comes with a programmable low battery indicator.

Longer Lasting Batteries: Your insurance company may pay for the hearing device but that’s where it ends. The expense of batteries can be a big blow to your budget. The nVe hearing aids use lower levels of power, making your batteries last longer and keeping your pocketbook happier.

One-Year Warranty: As with other products, the Audina nVe hearing aid comes with a one-year warranty.

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