Audina Sparo Hearing Aids Review

The Audina Sparo Hearing Aids Make the World More Colorful

You can brighten up your world and add color to the sounds you hear when you improve your hearing with an Audina Sparo Hearing Aid.

The Sparo hearing aids not only add to your listening enjoyment but also come if a variety of colorful choices, which makes them not only attractive but also fashionable. There are even colors to blend with skin or hair for those who prefer their devices be less conspicuous.

Audina is an American company, which began in Florida in 1989. Because of their attention to detail, they rapidly grew and now offer both analog and digital hearing devices to 45 different countries, with offices in 22 of those countries. While Audina offers custom fit hearing devices, they are also prominent in the behind-the-ear (BTE), over-the-ear styles (OTE) and mini-BTE styles. The Sparo hearing aids come in an over-the-ear style.

Why Select an OTE Open Fit Model

When you’re considering whether to purchase an Audina Sparo hearing aid or one custom fit for your ear, and perhaps more discreet, your real decision is whether to purchase an OTE open fit model or not.

One advantage of the OTE models is that the manufacturer can pack more technology into the hearing device than they can with invisible hearing devices that fit into the ear. That’s because they’re bigger than in-the-ear styles, but still smaller than the BTE version.

These styles also can also service a wider range of hearing loss than many of the smaller in the ear styles. However, if you’re worried about others seeing the hearing device, the Sparo can fit snugly over-the-ear using the ear and hair to make it far less visible. The clear tubes make it even less conspicuous.

Aside from the ability to bring more technology and power to the OTE hearing device, another advantage of the Audina Sparo hearing aid is that there’s no waiting to hear better. These hearing devices fit most people immediately. Unlike the custom designed models, there’s no need for an ear mold or waiting for the company to create your hearing device, it’s ready on the first visit.

Models of the Audina Sparo Hearing Aid

The Sparo hearing aids come in several models. Each one has different features and corresponding price ranges, which means you’re more likely to find one that fits your hearing loss and pocketbook. The models include the Sparo, Sparo 2, Sparo 12 and Sparo AD. Each one has its own unique features. Your hearing aid specialist can tell you whether one of the Sparo models is right for your hearing loss needs.

Features of the Audina Sparo Hearing Aid

The Sparo offers the same lightweight open fit hearing device as others in the Sparo family. Like other open fit models, there’s no occlusion, the stuffed up feeling, which makes you feel like you’re listening in a barrel, to interfere with the performance or your listening comfort.

Adaptive Feedback Reduction: There’s no need to worry about surprising whistling or other loud feedback noises, which can embarrass you at best and be very uncomfortable at the worst. The Audina Sparo aid offers adaptive feedback reduction, which eliminates the feedback yet still offers clear crisp clarity in the sound.

Low Battery Use: Purchasing a hearing device is costly, but the continuous use of batteries is also an expense that most people forget to add into price. The Audina Sparo hearing aid gives the user a high performance level but with low levels of battery consumption. In fact, it’s one of the lowest in the industry. That means you’ll save money.

Reduced Background Noise: If you have to fight the background noise to understand the person speaking to you, you’ll find it exhausting. The Sparo reduces the background noise and offers clarity to the speaker’s voice, so you don’t have to ask them continuously to repeat.

Environmental Recognition System: Walking in the wind, sitting next to fans or air conditioners can be an uncomfortable task. There’s no need to listen to the thundering of wind with the environmental recognition system created to suppress the sound, without affecting speech.

Softwave System: Clanging pans, loud sudden noises and other listening environment interruptions can prevent a clear signal. However, the Softwave System in the Audina Sparo hearing aid changes all that with a clear distinct signal even when you have loud abrupt sounds.

Adaptive Directionality: Sparo hearing aids offer adaptive directionality that automatically makes the switch from multiple directional microphones to a single direction if the environment noise requires it. The automatic function eliminates the whistling.

Multiple Channels and Memories: The Audina Sparo hearing aid offers four different selections with the Sparo 2 giving the user two channels and four memories. The Sparo, Sparo AD offer four channels and the Sparo 12 offers 12. Extra memories and channels offer the opportunity to maximize the clarity of speech and sound in the Sparo hearing aids.

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