Audina Super60 Hearing Aids Review

For a High Output Hearing Aid, Try Audina Super60 Hearing Aids.

Audina Hearing Instruments Company is a privately owned company in Florida. It is in the group of elite top ten of hearing aid manufacturers and has between fifty to one hundred employees located in 22 different countries. The company exports these “made in America” hearing aids to 45 different countries.

The company is one of the few who still offers both analog and digital hearing devices. The analog devices include four models, the Audina Super60 hearing aids, Class D hearing aids, Class B and Class A. However, the Audina Super 60 also comes in a digital model.

The Audina Super60 Hearing Aids for Severe to Profound Hearing Loss

If you have severe to profound hearing loss or even received the verdict that an in-the-ear hearing device just won’t work for you due to the severity, then Audina Super60 hearing devices might be your answer.

These hearing aids offered in both analog and digital styles have a high power output and can give you the pleasure of hearing many of the sounds you thought were lost to you.

The Audina Super 60D is the digital model of this device and the Super 60 is the analog one. They both have the Otoseal shell, made from a soft material that conforms to your ear as it warms. The Super 60 offers high output with high gain. The output stage is a class D.

Features of the Audina Super60 Hearing Aids

Speech Enhancement: The digital processing features of the Audina Super60 make speech clearer and easier to understand and are reliable in almost any listening environment. There’s minimal distortion due to the optimal power and system stability.

Volume Control: There is an on/off volume control on the Audina Super 60 hearing aids as well as optional features such as an on/off volume switch and programmable volume control.

Low Battery Tone Indicator: If you have an important event, you don’t want to find yourself suddenly without a hearing device. That’s what occurs when the battery runs out. The Audina Super60 hearing aids come with a low battery tone indicator so you can prepare to change the batteries, or do it before the batteries fail.

Otoseal Shell: This non-porous material softens material is a soft shell that molds to the ear to create a comfortable and secure seal for the Audina Super 60 hearing aids. This allows for the increased gain and prevents feedback. The special material used for the Otoseal makes it resistant to hardening and discoloration.

Trimpot Adjustable: The trimpots allow you to make adjustments on your Audina Super 60 hearing aids. One digital trimpot is standard. Your trimpot choices are LFC—low frequency cut, Gain, HFC—high frequency cut, PC—peak clipping or AGC-output compression control.

Noise Reduction: The Audina Super 60 offers low-level noise reduction using expansion.

Directional Option: The Audina Super60 hearing aids are available with the directional option.

T-Coil: The user of a hearing aid with a T-coil most commonly switches it on when he is on the telephone. It allows the hearing device wearer to hear the phone conversation clearer without feedback. In fact, the user can even turn up the volume without worry of feedback. The T-coil tends to lower the background noises, too.

Other uses of a t-coil are in conference rooms, which are looped. Looping is just a wire similar to that of a telephone that encircles the room and plugs into a PA box. Words spoken into the microphone go into both the PA box and the loop and create a magnetic induction field. This means people with t-coils switch on in their hearing aids often can hear the speaker better than people without hearing impairments can hear. The Audina Super60 hearing aids have a T-coil option available.

One Channel, Two Bands: The Super 60D (digital) model is programmable and offers one channel and two bands. The Super 60D has low frequency cut—LFC—used in adjusting low frequency gain. The Super 60D model of the Audina Super 60 hearing aids also has lower frequency boost—LFB—that gives greater amplification to lower frequencies if the user sets the LFC at maximum.

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