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Be by ReSound, an almost invisible solution.

One of the smallest hearing aids is the ReSound Be. It fits snuggly in the ear and is almost invisible while providing clarity of speech for those who have mild to moderate hearing loss. The technology is ReSound's Invisible Open Technology, IOT, which makes this innovative hearing device almost invisible to those around you.

ReSound Be supplies a natural listening experience and eliminates many of the problems faced by users of other hearing devices. It eliminates the whistling others hear and due to the MultiVenting used, is far more comfortable than most hearing devices.

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It Becomes Invisible Once Inserted

Inserting the hearing devices is a simple task. ReSound identifies the right or left hearing device with a small market of either red or blue located either in the open battery area or at the base of the device. A red marker indicates the right ear and the blue marker the left. Once you've established the proper ear to place the device you push the hearing battery end of the hearing device into the ear canal. Then you loop the tube around the inner ear and place the microphone in the crease created by the outer flap overlapping the inner ear. The hearing device becomes almost invisible, hidden by the ear itself.

The way it fits in the ear is extremely important, not just for the almost invisible appearance but also for those that wear glasses. There is no behind the ear interference from the battery or any part of this hearing device, since the ReSound Be never touches the outer ear.

Be by ReSound comes in five different colors designed to match the skin tone of the ear. It offers a medium brown, dark brown, velvet black, charcoal and beige. These colors blend in with the skin's natural tone and make the hearing device almost invisible.

Be by ReSound Comes Packaged with Extras

When you purchase a be by ReSound hearing device, you get more than simply the device. It comes in a carrier box specifically designed for the hearing device. The box offers a special design that only allows you to store the hearing device with open battery doors. There's a purpose for this. It insures that you won't wear the battery out by drawing power when you aren't using your hearing device. It also allows the device to dry overnight if you happened to get water in it. Also included with the storage box and be by ReSound hearing device is a user's guide, wax filters and a wax filter tool.

Select the ReSound Be Custom models

If you prefer, you can order a custom be by ReSound. These models are far smaller and even more discreet yet quite powerful.

The custom power model uses the space created by removing the microphone from the completely in the canal, CIC, instrument and putting it on the outer ear. It uses the space to add more listening power for those with severe hearing loss. It adds more gain but remains a smaller size.

If you don't need the extra power, the extra space provides for venting that eliminates much of the stopped up ear feeling that completely in the canal devices often bring. It also means that those with smaller ear canals or ones unusually shaped can now use a CID device.

Hear Better without Looking Older

The tiny design hides easily in the inner ear and is far more comfortable for most wearers than the bulky hearing devices of the past. Because of its small size and the unique design, the hearing device blends with your inner ear and no one will recognize you're wearing a hearing device. You won't have the stigma of aging often associated with hearing aids.

Other special features include wind noise reduction, improved sound quality and more colors in the be by ReSound custom models. The sleek almost invisible design and your improved hearing will make you feel as though you've found the fountain of youth. You don't have to miss out on the fun any longer because you worry the look of a hearing aid will age you. The ReSound Be can help you hear clearly again, without anyone the wiser.

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