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1940 was the birth date for Beltone hearing aids. The company launched with the introduction of its Model H and a mere four years later the public met the first all-in-one hearing aid, the MonoPac.

Two years later in 1946 there was another industry first from Beltone: Harmony which used the smallest batteries yet seen in the hearing aid industry.

Beltone has always taken its place seriously within the consumer market. In the 1950s the company took it upon themselves to bring forth to the general public more information on the hearing impaired and the world they lived in. Appointments could be made in the home or at any number of offices; whichever was more convenient for the patient. In 1950, as a matter of fact, Beltone held its first International Convention in Chicago and dispensers flocked to the show. Models did their thing by showing off the Beltone models on (for then) scantily clad bodies at "bra level".

Transistorized, eyeglass, and decorative broche and tie clasp Beltone hearing aids were also introduced within this first decade of business.

The next thirty years weren't any less of a blockbuster for Beltone. In-the-ear and custom earmolds were introduced to the public to further enhance the hearing experience, as well as their benefit plan that is still in effect today.

In 1987 even smaller batteries were introduced, allowing for micro-canal aids to be produced. Into the 21st century Beltone continues to strive to offer the most advanced in hearing aid technology.

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Beltone Today

Today Beltone hearing aids are small and lightweight, making them virtually unnoticeable to the passersby. They are made to fit within the ear canal, sit upon the outer ear or behind the ear as well. This allows for customization to fit your lifestyle. Each hearing aid contains at least one microphone to gather the sound with an amplifier to send that sound to the hearing impaired individual. Receivers and speakers are available to transmit the sounds and each aid is battery operated.

All of these inner workings are encased inside a shell to fit your own skin tones to help hide the hearing aid if you wish. Most people prefer a behind-the-ear model offering a thin and transparent tube to lead inside the canal or a custom designed earmold is used.

Completely-in-canal Beltone hearing aids are quite tiny and use the natural setting of the patient's own ear canal to gather the sound.

In-the-canal shells are made to be worn in the lower portion of the outer ear directly next to the ear canal. In-the-ear models fill the entire outer ear and come larger to suit special controls.

With nearly 100 Beltone hearing aids on the market, you will easily find something to satisfy your own hearing needs.

Beltone will first give you a complete exam to determine your needs. A complete case history will be taken, a screening, a visual exam of your ears and a word discrimination test. A hearing test assessment allows you to answer questions for different situations to assure accuracy for your aid. There is a good amount of technologies to back up the perfect aid for your needs.

Solus Hearing Device fitting software allows the Beltone professional to determine environmental programs to fit your lifestyle. Spatial Directionality lets you hear conversations within noisy areas.

Feedback Eraser coupled with WhistleStop automatically takes care of any feedback or whistle you may experience. Sound Cleaner Pro is a noise reduction system that intuitively adjusts to your hearing needs as you travel from one noise environment to another.

When you run into unexpected background noise Smart Beam Steering will zoom in on the sound you wish to hear and zoom back out again when the background noise is gone. Monitored Directionality technology focuses and monitors the sounds around you.

Speech Spotter focus specifically on conversations in front of you. If you enjoy the outdoors, then select a Beltone hearing aid such as the Reach that comes with Wind Noise Suppression. The Beltone Touch 17 has Smart Gain that automatically switches within seven settings for the correct amount of amplification in any soundscape. The Beltone Identity comes with a Learning Volume Control that remembers your own preferences. Beltone Access has similar technology in the Beltone Satisfy.

Beltone hearing aids come with anywhere from seven to seventeen programmable channels so that you will always be able to hear everything surrounding you so you no longer need to miss out on life. A patient care line, warranties and a solid Code of Ethics makes Beltone one of the most sought after brands of hearing aids.

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