BERNAFON Chronos 9 Hearing Aids

by Ginny
(Dallas TX)

I love my hearing aids from Costco. Chris at the Arlington TX Costco is great. I did have to go though four different sizes & styles of domes before I was completely happy with the Hearing Aids.

I went with a power dome off the internet. Costco did not carry this style plus I have very small ear canals. A package of 10 sells for 8- 9 dollars.

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Sep 29, 2016
Power Domes and all domes for Bernafon Hearing Aid
by: Morgan

The discussion on this site about power domes and
domes is very interesting. I really know very little about power domes or domes. I do know that (as I said in a previous comment) that the Bernafon from ($2,600?) Costco was falling out of my ears and I had to self diognose the problem.

When I insisted on larger dome and a longer wire, the Bernafon hearing aid stopped falling out and that solved that problem. The hearing specialist told me things like the length of the wire was fine ( it was not fine) and my domes were the correct size (they were not).

Why doesn't Costco have information for their clients on domes and what can be expected from each type and what the consumer should be aware of wearing different types of domes???

My previous aid (the first time I only had one aid for my left ear) and this time I ordered the 2
aids) fit fine from the beginning, and that specialist in another Costco (very far from my home) was excellent.

My hearing is poor about 100 Decibels? in one ear and 90 Decibels in the other ear and that is considered Severe? or a Profound hearing loss.

Can any one tell me if the Kirkland Hearing aid is appropriate for my hearing loss? I asked that question before and no one has answered me?? I wanted the Kirkland but Costco would not sell it to me as they said my hearing loss was not in the range for the Kirkland??? I am wondering if that information is correct??

That's another thing the hearing aid specialists never explained to me about my hearing loss. They never showed me on the chart where I stood. What I am saying is they never educated me and I think an Educated consumer is better for the consumer and better for the vendor but for some reason they do not explain where we stand on the hearing spectrum and what we can reasonably expect from the hearing aid considering our loss??

Jul 20, 2014
by: Wynn

I am not exactly sure of the model of the Bernafon hearing aids I purchased at Costco, but the instruction manual that came with it listed CANTEO 9, CANTEO 7, and CANTEO 5 on the front cover.

I will check with my Costco Hearing Aid provider. For me, it is A DISASTER. The provider thought a mold that fits into the outer ear and focuses the sound more directly into the ear, would help. It didn't.

I had a Rexton hearing aid for 5 years but at 4 1/2 years my hearing changed dramatically and the Rexton [which I loved], purchased in 2007 did not have the power to handle the loss.

I then switched to a Bernafon Canteo, which was able to amplify sounds at a higher volume.

It is a disaster in all but face to face 1 on 1 communication and even in this situation I would only give it a 4 out of 10 . Overall I would rate it a 2 out of 10. Since the Bernafon does not work for me, I am now in the process of trying out other aids.

So far the Phonak, Starkey, Widex, Siemens, and now have the NEW Rexton on a trial basis, then I will try out the Resound hearing aids.

ALL of these hearing aids were MUCH BETTER than the Bernafon Canteo. In fairness to Bernafon, I have not tried their latest model, but after spending $3000.00 and now, 2 years later, needing to spend another $3000.00, I am adverse to anything Bernafon.

My take for my type of hearing loss; not really defined except by the hearing screen test chart, which I can't interpret, but believe it to be "moderately severe."

A medical hearing specialist said that there was nothing that could be done medically and that I was dependent on hearing aids for improved hearing.

It seems to me that hearing potential is determined by words and isolated speech sounds you can hear during the test i.e. what you are capable of hearing given the best hearing technology. Hearing Aids can't fix this.

Feb 16, 2014
Bernafon Power Dome
by: Anonymous

Bernafon has since come out with new Power Dome styles within Costco. You might be able to acquire them directly, rather than going through the internet. Pretty sure they'll give them to you at no cost, too. GOOD LUCK!

Oct 27, 2013
power dome?
by: Anonymous

Where did you purchase the power dome? I have a very
small ear canal in my right ear, and would like to
try these.

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