Bernafon hearing aids sells to Costco not yours and not our problem GREAT ATTITUDE

by Robert Lemon
(St.Marys On.)

I am a 74 year old retired person and have used hearing aids for nearly 20 years, and have used many different types and strengths of aids.

I have a severe loss of hearing in my right ear, which I gather is unusual as most have the same level in both ears but I have to live with this. I had dealt the same person for a long time ,but everybody retires so I went to London Costco and any money I could have saved on this move has been spent on multiple return trips.

I was sold Costco Kirkland hearing aids since we have had good luck with any Costco product. I was happy the person doing the hearing test could not get a good result after three trips more gas more time so suggested we try another brand of hearing aid.

We chose Bernafon same result three or four appointments to adjust and now they are at least useable. but the right unit fails about once a month and has to be sent in for repair its there now has only been usable for about three weeks.

I read on a Costco review they attract people with many years experience,this lady just graduated 3 years ago and I now think this is a big part of my problem when I go in now she walks away and lets the receptionist deal with me that person is very helpful.

I guess we go on like this for the balance of two years till I get coverage again. I am a very busy volunteer driver for cancer, diabetes, meals on wheels etc., and would prefer to spend my days that way, I guess you don't buy hearing aids at a grocery store.

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