Can hearing aids be adjusted to fit in back of the ear instead of on top?

I just recently purchased new hearing aids from Costco. Signature 5.0 series. They seem OK, but they fit to high on the ear and rub against my glasses and even rub on my hair.

I asked the hearing specialist if they could lower the dome so the unit fits behind my ear instead of on top. They said no. Is this right? What's the big deal with having the dome lower so the hearing aids can fit more comfortable and out of the way?

I also asked about the metallic and tinny sound you hear, and she said that's the way it is. Is this also true?

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Dec 15, 2016
When the hearing aid does not fit behind the ear
by: Morgan

When I told the audiologist at Costco I thought I needed a longer wire she told me I was fitted correctly.

I went home and thought it over and called her back.

I said the Hearing Aid does not fit and would you order a longer wire and she said fine it would take a week and ordered it for me. I figured I guess correctly that she did not have the longer wire in stock when I originally asked

About wearing glasses with the heading aids. I think eye glasses where the wire goes around the ear sometimes cause a problem and if that is the case you might try eye glasses with straight side pieces instead of the side piece that goes around the ear.

May 24, 2015
The journey continues - fitting new Kirkland 6 hearing aids
by: Novice 2015

The tube for the Kirkland 6 device in my right ear was in fact improperly fitted, but it took me 2 return trips to convince staff to try the longer tube even though I was certain this was causing the problem and the pain as the tube pulled and rubbed. I have a steeper angle in the right ear canal (may be poorly stated but that is what I have been told) - was not a problem in terms of the fit when I tried the Phonaks but the styling of the wax guard (even the smallest one) posed challenges with the Kirkland (Re-sound) version. I needed a longer tube for the right ear than the left with the Kirkland 6 model.

Brand new but learning fast - thanks for the input.

PS I am not having any trouble with the blue tooth device in terms of pairing between my iphone and the Kirkland hearing aid, but the problems with white sound in the regular and restaurant settings are still leaving me to consider returning the devices. I live some distance away and it costing almost $100 per trip to go for repeated fittings.

May 22, 2015
Don't accept an improperly fitted Hearing Aid
by: Costco User

The wire from the hearing aid should be longer. My wire from the Bernafon Aid is about 2 inches long and the device lands just below the top of glasses. if it is much shorter, it was improperly installed.

I think they have various sizes, because of individual difference in people. Return the hearing aid and request a proper fitting. Don't accept an aid that fits poorly.

May 15, 2015
The Adventure Begins
by: Novice 2015

I tried a set of Phonak V90312T hearing aids for 2 weeks as an intro to using hearing aids - great hearing aids - high price from private supplier but no adjustment difficulties whatsoever and excellent sound.

I disliked the device for watching movies and linking to my iPhone and the price presents a hardship. I discovered the new Kirkland 6 hearing aids with direct iPhone link and no intermediate device needed and of course a great price. Decided to try that for comparison for high frequency hearing loss of moderate - moderately severe nature.

Fitted at Costco - great people, very conscientious. Went back in 1 day however to change dome size, then dome style and deal with tinny sound of my voice- still monitoring results. Not thrilled with the shape of the hearing aids themselves and they certainly fit higher on the ear than the Phonak ones did, and the Kirkland aids tend to conflict with my glasses by another contributor to this forum.

I asked the Costco staff about using a longer tube - was told that a "2 "was the recommended length and a "3" would be much too long - still struggling with tinny sensation and having trouble keeping the aids properly in place..

Early in the problem solving but discouraging as with the Phonak V90312T there were no problems - just issues re price and the blue tooth feature I use a lot for business calls on my cell phone.

May 08, 2015
I've had issues but Costco has always taken care of me.
by: Gary

I have had 3 different sets of hearing aids over the last 15 years. The last set from Costco, they're 5.0. Overall, I have been very happy with them.

I've had issues with my aids, all of them but I really have been very happy with the efforts that the Denver Arvada hearing aid center. They have always been very welcoming and they listen to my problems.

The only negative issue i have is that this store is so very busy that sometime you have to wait a while to get in. They are working on that though with installing another booth and training another hearing professional. I lost one of my aids, was worried about the hassle, there was none they wasted no time replacing and fitting the new on.

I have had to change stores for my convenience and the new store seems just as friendly and willing to help. I recommend the Costco Hearing aids, I am very hard of hearing and I'm much happier than I was.

Sep 22, 2014
Good advice about Costco Hearing Aids
by: jo-anne ivey

I enjoyed buying my hearing aid at Costco Dixie and Dundas in Missisauga.

Thank you for being such a customer service oriented store.

Jo-Anne Ivey

I was impressed with the hearing aid price and service that I told about 50 people so far about it.

My mother also bought a hearing aid from Costco last month in Ottawa, Ontario.

Lorraine Theriaul

Aug 22, 2014
Costco Signature 5.0 Hearing Aid Adjustments
by: Ron Allander

The length of the receiver wire can be made longer in most cases so that the dome and receiver fit farther into the ear canal and may help the hearing aid fit somewhat lower behind the ear than completely on top of your ear.

The receivers come in several lengths and are easily changed from one receiver size to another. Look on the tip of the receiver near the dome, there should be a number. Typically the numbers range anywhere from 0 to 5 depending on the manufacturer. The right receiver will have a red number and the left hearing aid receiver will have a blue number. Ask your hearing instrument specialist to change the receiver to a longer length (higher number).

Many patients tell me that their new hearing instruments sound tinny or metallic when first fit. This is because there is more amplification in the higher frequencies. Most people with hearing loss lose their higher frequency hearing before the lower frequencies so there is more amplification in these ranges. This can easily be adjusted by your hearing instrument specialist by reducing the high frequencies to make it more comfortable for you until you have adjusted to your new hearing aids.

If your Costco hearing instrument specialist is unwilling to make these adjustments for you, considering going to another location or return the hearing aids. It may be beneficial to go to an independent hearing instrument specialist that provide better follow up care than warehouse dispensers.

I hope this helps and good luck!

Ron Allander, BC-HIS
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