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Clear Tone Hearing Aids began in 1984 when two brothers, Jim and Mike Feeley started a facility to dispense hearing care products for those with hearing loss. They noted that many of the hearing aids did not allow for comfort, venting or other significant problems faced by their clientele and decided to do something about the problem. That’s when they expanded the facility to include repair and manufacturing.

Their exposure to the many problems faced by those with hearing loss gave them immense compassion for people that faced the problem but didn’t have the resources available to find the solution. They began mission trips into poverty-stricken third world countries to aid those with hearing challenges.

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It was then they realized how traditional methods of fitting hearing aids were nearly impossible for this population. Because of the labor intense fitting, the cost was also prohibitive even for many in the United States. They knew they had to do something for those that found traditional hearing aids had too many limitations to help their hearing loss.

At that point, they changed the mission of Clear Tone Hearing Aids to one of finding a new style of hearing device that removed all the challenges faced when using traditional ear molds made of plastic. They began working on their vision immediately and eventually found the solution. It was the first patented receiver in the canal hearing device. They introduced the product in the first few months of 2003 as part of the product line for both Clear Tone Hearing Aids and the sister company Sebo Tek.

The technology caught on like wild fire and grew to a point it became one of the more popular styles in hearing aids. The receiver in the canal from Clear Tone Hearing Aids changed the way people viewed hearing aids and improved the comfort and listening quality for many hearing device users. It solved the problem with venting since the device does not plug the ear’s passageway and offered a much less cumbersome solution to those with hearing loss.

The new technology not only eliminated the bulk, it also precluded any need to go through the long procedure of creating the mold for the device since the tube creates an almost instant fit for anyone’s ear. It meant that the hearing technology could be available for United States citizenry more easily and even available almost instantly to those in third world countries.

The receiver-in-the-canal design meant there was no need to wait for a custom-made hearing aid. It also meant the hearing devise was far less bulky and visible to others, thus reducing the self-consciousness of the wearer. The design was modular, which made it an instant fit hearing aid that consumers could wear home on the first visit. There was no waiting for improved hearing with the Clear Tone Hearing Aids. You wore it home the same day you visited the audiologist.

The new receiver in the canal design also used the latest digital programming to fit the instrument for the patients hearing loss. It offers not only programming to fit lifestyle and unique hearing loss, but also allowed for faster adjustments to the device and a more comfortable fit. The new receiver-in-the-canal hearing device from Clear Tone Hearing Aids, changed the way other manufacturers thought about hearing aid designed and opened the marketplace to newer more user-friendly designs.

Styles from Clear Tone Hearing Aids

Clear Tone Hearing Aids offer a number of styles besides the receiver-in-the ear design that revolutionized the hearing industry. They also have completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids that are almost invisible, in-the-canal (ITC) that are slightly more visible to others filling the area directly outside the canal and in-the-ear (ITE) filling the entire inner bowl of the ear.


Even though they offer all types of hearing devices, their most popular is still the receiver in the ear device. However, many of the features offered on that model are also available on other styles of hearing aids. The receiver in the ear model has a behind the ear base that’s as small as a penny, yet contains all the features and doesn’t burn up batteries quickly.

The products have four different levels of performance and may contain up to 111 high definition channels. The bandwidth can extend to 14kHz, also. Depending on the model, it may have Auto-FOCUS.

Auto-FOCUS is a directional sound microphone, which allows the user to enjoy a conversation in a noise-filled environment by maximizing the sound directly in front of the user and toning down the noise that’s behind the user or to the side.

HD - Voice Priority Noise Reduction: This automatic environment-switching program senses the difference between speech and noise. It automatically reduces the background noise and enhances the signal for speech. This gives better quality to listening and reduces the irritating background noise. There’s no need for the user to make adjustments. It also makes adjustments for changes in the environment and optimizes the device for the maximum listening quality. Besides adjusting for speech and background noise it also adjusts for the volume of noise in various environments to make wearing the device comfortable even in the noisiest areas. The feature also allows the hearing device to adapt to use with the telephone automatically. This is on selected Sebo Tek, the sister company, hearing devices.

Wireless Sebo-LINK Connectivity: This technology is not available with all models from Sebo Tek and Clear Tone Hearing Aids. It’s wireless Bluetooth technology allowing the wearer to use other electronic devices with the hearing aids. It turns the hearing aids into wireless headphones. You can use the Sebo-LINK with your mobile phone, MP3 players or personal media and even personal computers. It offers a totally hands free cell phone system by allowing the user to hear the phone through both ears instantaneously since it sends the phone signal directly from the phone to either both ears or just one ear if you choose. The built in microphone in the hearing device also sends your voice back to the cell phone.

Wide Spectrum Sound: The sound from the Clear Tone hearing aids is similar to listening to everything through high fidelity high quality headphones rather than a hearing aid. The ability to bring a wide spectrum of sounds to the users makes sounds more vivid and voices far clearer. The users even hear the subtle tones of Mother Nature often missed by other hearing aid users. It makes music far more enjoyable.

Clear Tone also offers a solution to the problem of moisture collecting in the hearing aid with a single drawer and button to dry and deodorize the hearing aids. It holds one to four hearing devices or cochlear implant ear-level processors. The design makes it easy to use by those with dexterity issues since grasping skills aren’t necessary.

The company mission statement is to provide the best hearing care delivery in the world and the corporate objectives include serving all customers and mankind with compassion while providing quality products that exceed their expectation. Clear Tone hearing aids takes their mission statement and corporate objectives seriously and continue to provide innovative changes to hearing devices to aid every economic level and social group within the community of the hearing impaired.

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