Complete SATISFACTION w/ Costco Kirkland Signature Hearing Aids

by Chuck Ripplinger
(Branch, Michigan, U.S.A.)

I had my custom hearing aids stolen after having them provided by the University of Michigan Audiology Department following several fittings.

Desperate for a solution, I found a pair of Costco Kirkland Rechargeable Hearing Aids for sale on Ebay @ approx. $450.00. The seller described them as something his mother had refused to wear; double-checked by Costco; CERTIFIED to be in "good working order".

While the seller had misrepresented the age of the hearing aids as relatively new, Costco dated them back to about 10 yrs. old ( based on the serial numbers ).

Although I found it disadvantageous to join Costco while living more than 100 miles north, Costco's Hearing Center (Grandville, MI.), granted me a personal Appointment; performed a no-cost audiology exam; and tuned the hearing aids to my Specific Needs.

Newly I have acquired Health Insurance allowing for $500/ear. Anticipated Cost: $1900.00/pr. While Costco does NOT accept any health insurance, they assure me they will provide an Itemized & Detailed Receipt for submission to my insurance company as an "Out-of-Network" provider. My new hearing aids will come with a 3 yr. Warranty & 2 yr. Loss & Damage Protection ( deductible applies ).

Priority Health ( My insurance provider ) assures me they reimburse Costco's Receipts routinely.

IF I can qualify for Costco's CASHBACK CREDIT CARD, I'll receive 4% Cash Back. $76.00

Necessarily, I'll have to join Costco @ $55.00/yr. Their membership is guaranteed 100% Refundable @ any time & comes with Free Shipping of 100% of their products to your home.

A less-than-forthright Audiologist practicing out of Ludington MICHIGAN sought to convince me her brand of STARKEY Hearing Aids were superior, in that, they were American Made. Another audiologist I trust debunked that assertion by asserting me that All Hearing Aid Computer Chips are manufactured in CHINA.

ALL RESEARCH I HAVE DEVOTED TO THIS TOPIC ASSURES ME "KIRKLAND Signature Brand" is the most cost-effective, logical,
price-worthy, serviceable, dependable brand available.

If you are anywhere within a 100 mile radius of a Costco Warehouse, don't hesitate to do business with their Hearing / Eyeglass Center.

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