Costco Hearing Aids are Good but Warranty is No Good!

by Crystal Sager
(Gig Harbor WA USA)

I purchased a hearing aid at Costco on May 1, 2013. Around June I lost it. After a week I could not find it.

I had another hearing aid made to replace it. About a week after I received the new hearing aid my husband found the old one. I put the new one away and was wearing the old hearing aid when I stopped into Gig Harbor Costco hearing area to pick up some microphone caps.

The audiologist said let me see your hearing aids. Well she then broke it trying to replace the one. She told me not to worry they will fix it at no cost.

A couple days later she called and said they will not fix it as it was the one you lost, more or less making it sound like I lied to get another one.

Then she said your insurance is still good but now I find its not what she said. I was in a loud area so I removed the hearing aid and put into my purse and my kids dumped it. I thought I picked up it all, but could not find my hearing aid and a couple of others thing.

I have been back couple of times and no one has found it. now Costco hearing has two of my old hearing aids and the last one I had is lost.

They will not replace it as they say they all ready did. But the audiologist said the warranty is still good. If that is the case then they should give me the one they have.

I purchased it in Tacoma Costco, Gig Harbor. I took the one and now they are playing games.

I don't have the money to play their games (it took me over a year to pay the last one off)
My question to you, (since they took it back) does it cancel the replacement one and if so why don't they give me that one back or just say there is no warranty and stop the BS

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Apr 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

How many times do they have to pick up the pieces you keep dropping? Take some responsibility for YOUR problems. The warranty covers more than replacement. They are doing their part...IMHO

Dec 28, 2014
Frustrating but not uncommon
by: Teresa

I agree with Ron's response/ hearing aid manufacturers maintain their warranty information via serial numbers. Each aid has a number, if you have made a claim that a aid/number has been lost, the warranty will then be changed to reflect the new serial number found on the replacement aid and the records will now reflect that as the serviceable aid.

It is not uncommon to find an aid that was thought to be lost/ if that happens you need to take the necessary steps to alert the manufacturer through the store of purchase, they will help you avoid any further challenges with service.

Dec 21, 2014
Lost Stolen and Damaged Hearing Aid Insurance
by: Ron Allander


Most hearing aid manufacturers provide Lost, Stolen, and Damage (LSD) Insurance with new hearing aids. The insurance typically covers the hearing aid for one to three years depending on the manufacturer and technology level of your hearing instrument.

The insurance covers the hearing aids if it is lost, stolen, or damaged in any way. This is a one time incident coverage. So if you lose your hearing aid, the insurance will cover to have it replaced one time. If you lose your hearing aid again, even within the coverage period, you would need to purchase a hearing aid. The insurance will not pay twice.

If you find the lost hearing aid after it has been replaced, you should return the old hearing aid to your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. That is why Costco confiscated your old hearing instrument. They should have repaired your other hearing aid if they did indeed damage it.

I hope this helps.

Ron Allander, BC-HIS
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