Costco & Kirkland a Waste

by Tony
(Wayne, NJ)

Got the kirkland BTH first. Eight weeks of going back and forth and finally returned them. Told the Resound Future was better.

It has now been eight weeks of going back and forth including making three earmolds that did not work. They even re-programed them without success.

I finally gave up when the company sent me an e-mail saying they cannot discuss a medical device with me?? That was the straw that broke it.

I returned them, went to an independent audiologist. He fitted me with a pair of Siemens hearing aids and a month later no issues and no problems. Have not been back since.

Stay away from Costco and Resound. There is no support at all.

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Nov 05, 2015
Audiologist at Mountain View Costco
by: Anonymous

Amazing. So patient and willing to work with you. My mother was evaluated for a hearing aid today and we were very impressed with the technician.

Jul 11, 2015
Hearing Aid Quality.
by: Ray

In doing my research one thing that seems to be constant is "all higher end hearing aids are about the same" and if it doesn't work for you then its probably the fault of the audiologist who may not know what the hell they are doing.

Went to a Beltone dealer who tested me and then hooked me up with a pair of aids, with one slight adjustment to "tweak" the sound they were great. At Costco they wouldn't let me try the aids during my first visit and the last time it took several return visits for adjustments before they were "OK".

Feb 16, 2014
Resound Forza
by: Anonymous

I have had much trouble with the Kirkland batteries used in the Resound Forza hearing aids. I have taken the hearing aids back twice to find out what the problem was as the batteries only lasted 2 days. The first 2 times, they just gave me new batteries. I again complained and they took the hearing aids to have them checked. They returned them in a week but alas, the problem remains.

I still don't know if the problem lies within the hearing aids or with the Kirkland batteries. I paid $2600 and should have some satisfaction. I am ready to turn them back in for a complete refund.

Sep 22, 2013
First Kirkland brand then Resound
by: Anonymous

I, too, as related by an earlier Costco HA customer, started out with the Kirkland brand [$2000 + $390 for remote equipment]. I was told that I might have to have 2-3 followup visits to dial them in. After 18 months and 14 trips [I have to travel 190mi round trip to Costco], three trips to have one or the other HA's returned to mfgr for repair, the final time one failed Costco refunded my purchase price and sold me the Resound BHE [$3500 including remote/blue tooth].

Major problem with the Kirkland brand was the feedback oscillation when ANYTHING came close to either HA. Just walking down the hallway would set them off into that very annoying shrill.

I found the HA tech's, in most part, unable to get my HA's properly adjusted for proper amplification across the frequency spectrum. If I set the volume lever for a man then when a woman's voice would be over amplified. When setting the amp level for a woman's voice, the mans voice would be under amplified. They could not get the gain vs frequency properly adjusted.

They sold me on the Resound by the fact that they were 90% immune to feedback oscillation and ALMOST waterproof. I have now had the Resound HA's for 11 months and at the point if they don't get them adjusted properly I'm tempted to make them take these back too.

Problems experienced with the Resound is that they
1. Need new set of batteries at least every two days and more often if I use them with blue tooth listening to the TV. Using Renata Maratone ZA312 batteries, which I found equal to or slightly better than Costco brand and at much less cost on the internet.

2. Chirping of both Resound HA's. They just seem to spontaneously break into a 'chirping'; perhaps being set off by some external stimulus like a click or sound from the TV. Nothing I can point to specifically.

3. The sound quality seems to change as the batteries are reaching their end life and BEFORE the tone warning that they are about to expire.

Now I have the same problem with the Resound HA's in that they are poorly setup with the proper gain vs frequency curve. I have the most difficult time in trying to hear common speech because they are not properly adjusted.

On my many visits with the HA tech's at Costco I have had the feeling that they, Costco, should HAVE TO HAVE an Audiologist on staff at each HA Center for the tech's are sometimes more salespeople than a healthcare provider having the patients best interest as their primary goal.

With all of their high tech equipment testing a persons loss of hearing is a lacking science for it cannot register what the brain perceives by attempting to discern what level of frequencies the patient attempts to recognize. I have thought that if they could give to the patient an equalizer to make fine adjustments to the frequency gain curve that we could fine tune what our brain best desires in order to recognize simple speech.

Anyway, that's my assessment of Costco and their hearing aid center in Medford, OR.

Jul 21, 2013
ReSound Future Hearing Aids
by: mhudd

I purchased resound future in the ear hearing aids 1 year ago.

At first I could hear better, but they didn't sound natural. After a month I had then re-adjusted(no cost), they were better, but still not what I wanted. I was beginning to think it would take a year to get them dialed in.

For the next 3 weeks I really paid attention what I liked and didn't like about them, so I would be able to explain it to the tech. The next time they got them PERFECT!

Part of getting them right is being able to explain what you want, then you have to take the time to get used to hearing again. Remember; they are hearing "aides" not new ears.

I was 300 miles from the store where I bought them, had some time to kill, so I took my Blue Tooth in for some advice. The tech got the Resound rep on the phone, he sent me a new one overnight, no questions, no cost, and no hassle.

If you want top of the line hearing aids, for a very good price, and no hassle help, Costco is the place.

I also found out that the first 2 years of the 3 year warranty includes full replacement for loss or damage at no charge, when the warranty expires, there is a fixed max. charge of about $150 to repair aids.

Jun 29, 2013
It depends on the particular Costco
by: Anonymous

I have a friend that got a Resound hearing aid at the Mountain View, CA, Costco, and is very satisfied in all respects. Since the expertise of the audiologist or technician is so important, it is not surprising that people going to different Costco's have different experiences.

Sep 23, 2012
Kirkland and Siemens the Same
by: Anonymous

The Kirkland hearing aids are the Siemens hearing aids using the Costco brand name.

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