Costco Kirkland Hearing Aid Review. Good service and equipment

by Joe H.
(Riverside, CA)

My last hearing aids pre-retirement were Siemens, purchased at a hearing aid specialty shop for over $6,000. They never delivered as promised, even with adjustments by three different audiologists, one who worked in an ENT's office.

After retirement, I checked with Costco, Elsinore, CA. Patrick, the audiologist, was more knowledgeable and skilled than any audiologist I saw in over ten years prior.

My Resound hearing aids cost under $3,000, including Bluetooth cell phone device. Patrick has kept these aids up to date with my needs. When Costco announces their next generation after Kirkland 5.0, I will go straight to Costco and Patrick for my next upgrade. The skill of the audiologist is critical. I could not be more pleased with Costco and Patrick.

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