Costco Kirkland Hearing Aids

by Jimmy Alexander
(Greenville, S.C.)

I have problems with my hearing aids, they need to send them back and get new ones, or give me my money back.they are one month old.

I Purchased them at Costco , Greenville, S.C.

Jimmy Alexander


phone 8642886814

I need help I paid $2600 for these hearing aids,

can I get my money back?

Thank you.

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Apr 06, 2017
1st time user NEW
by: Anonymous

I purchased some Kirkland Signature 7.0 hearing aids 5 months ago. After 2-3 weeks adapting to the "new" sound, they've been great. Battery use is 7-8 days. They work with Bluetooth. Have an app on the phone with 4 programs for different scenarios. $1,700 for the pair. Very happy to hear again, and very happy with the Kirkland hearing aids.

Feb 25, 2017
Kirkland Hearing Aids
by: Mike T.

Not sure if I would recommend these.

I've had them now for 2-3 years. Have been to numerous stores to have them adjusted and I still have trouble understanding voices (people,tv,music).

Last store I called they said without seeing me that it is my hearing not the hearing aids.

I have wireless headphones I use to watch tv and I can hear everything just fine.

Thinking of going back to my old audiologist.

Sep 11, 2016
Hearing aids
by: Anonymous

Do I get my hearing aids at Costco right after I take my hearing test

Sep 07, 2016
you have 6 months for a refund
by: Anonymous

You can return a Costco hearing aid within 6 months to get a complete refund
Call them first

Jul 24, 2015
Refund for Costco Kirkland Hearing Aids
by: Ron Allander NBC-HIS


You need to contact Costco directly to receive a refund for your hearing aids. I would call them first to make an appointment to return your hearing aids. Here is the phone number for the Greenville Costco: (864) 297-2562.

Ron Allander

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