Costco Phonak Hearing aids.....Just never all right

by Phillip Nelson
(29 Palms Ca USA)

I drove 70 miles one way to Costco to get my hearing aids because I could not afford the high dollar ones. I decided on the Costco Phonak hearing aids after the recommendation of the technician.

I had to return 2 weeks later and I had to pay full price on the day the order was made. So I returned 2 weeks later and got the hearing aids. I was only 4 miles from the Costco center and the right hearing aid stopped working already. I tried calling the hearing aid center but they NEVER answer their phone because over the next 6 weeks I attempted to call the LaCunta Ca. center and never did get anyone to answer the phone.

I returned to the store but they were gone and I left a message on their answering machine and returned home again another 70 mile drive, 300 miles so far driving to get my Costco Phonak hearing aids. I replaced the batteries and finally the right aid started working and they did call me and I explained what happened and the woman said to send the hearing aid or bring it in.

I already had a follow up scheduled and so I chose to mail the hearing aid US mail and that cost 22 dollars with insurance. I returned on my follow up scheduled visit and the technician said there was nothing wrong with the aid it was ear wax plugged. Then he looked at the other hearing aid and said I had done something to that one.

He said the receiver wraps around the inside of the ear was all disfigured. I asked how I could have done it and he responded he did not know. I said all I did was put the thing in my ear.

The audiologist never did teach me how to clean the hearing aid and I have had hearing aids for 18 years. Again I left with the same pair of hearing aids and the same one stopped working with in 5 days. I called again "left a message" and they called back 2 days later and scheduled again another appointment.

I went to the store and again was blamed for the terrible aids. I decided I would go back to molded type in the ear aids. That again cost me 88 more dollars and another return trip. This past Wednesday I returned and got the hearing aids and attitude from this person. I said I no longer trusted anything he said and I was at the point to get my money back.

All I wanted was hearing aids and to hear, all I got was argument and blame and attitude and I was fed up. I decided to go with the aids like my last ones "Miracle Ear type" I told him if I never saw him again it would be too soon.

I left the store and realized I could hear myself breath and even my feet touching the ground. They were so loud and I am so disgusted and at this point PEED. I will not return to this store and sure as heck not this guy who I believe he deliberately jacked up the volume. 600 miles of driving 4 visits and still crap. I sure hope others don't receive such POOR service and product from Costco's hearing aid center.

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Oct 30, 2016
by: Anonymous

My Costco brio hearing aids worked on 3 times, on 4th visit replaced still don t work right . Costco phonak brio no good.

Jul 01, 2015
Costco hearing aids
by: Anonymous

I've heard that Phonak hearing aids are not the best quality.
Maybe not entirely Costco's fault. If its cheap to start with . . .

Try a Resound hearing aid - maybe better quality.

Jul 01, 2015
Phil you got what you paid for bad service
by: Fred Gilliam

You cannot expect to get top service if you pay for poor service.

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