Costco ReSound Forza Hearing Aid Review

by Edward Bubbosh
(Reston, VA)

I bought Resound Forza From Costco Store in Sterling, Virginia in January 2012. I have had too many problems in adjusting the hearing aids.

I must have made so many visits to the
hearing consultant in the store. Unfortunately, the consultant was never able to solve my problem.

My problem was clarity. People talk to me at close range and I can hear them, but was unable to understand what they were saying to me.

Every time I visited the consultant, who would spend just few minutes with me, was never able to help me!!!!

I have reached a stage of frustration with the hearing aids, that I almost discarded them. The pair cost me almost $3000.00, and for a senior citizen, like myself, I could not afford to do that.

I am sure, if the consultant made an honest effort to help me, I might have been able to hear better and clearer.

I am going to try another hearing consultant in another Costco store and hope for the best.

Thank you,

Edward A. Bubbosh
Tel.# 703-742-7927

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