Costco Rexton Cobalts

by Gordon
(Littleton, CO)

I own a pair of Rexton Cobalt 16s hearing aids that I bought from Costco 5 years ago and have had no problems (or else I'm very tolerant).

Recently I noticed that one aid was using up its power a day or two before the other. I approached Costco about a possible repair and they sent it back to Rexton. Rexton's response was, "it's out of warranty and non-repairable."

I have difficulty comprehending why a hearing aid that otherwise works perfectly is non-repairable just because it draws more power than its mate.

The only reason why it could be drawing more power seems to be to be because the dB requirement is higher than the other. Since my hearing loss is about equal between each ear it seems to me to be just a problem verifying and readjusting the gain if necessary on the aid.

Is it possible that a 5 year old HA is pronounced non-repairable as a marketing ploy to sell the unsuspecting a new HA? Inquiring and suspicious minds would like to know.

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