Costco's Rexton Cobalt 16 RIC Hearing Aids

(Littleton, CO)

I bought a pair of Rexton RIC Cobalt 16's in Jan 2010 for $2,508. My hearing loss is mild and confined to the higher frequencies.

Rexton is a subsidiary of Siemens and the Cobalt 16s are the same as Siemens' Pure line. I've had absolutely no problems with these aids and won't hesitate a second to replace them with new ones from Costco when the time comes.

I have a neighbor who is green with envy because he paid $6,000 for a pair of "personally fitted" Oticon Dual mini 9s. I suspect most of the complaints re Costco have more to do with consumer ignorance re the product than of the product itself.

Of course the aids will sound "tinny" if the volume is cranked up. With 5 separate programs and a wide range on volume, I can select and adjust my aids (with a remote control in my pocket) to handle just about any external noise situation.

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