Disappointed from Hearing Aid Service at Scarborough location

by Soly
(Canada monteal, QC)

I had my BTE Kirkland hearing aids ordered and adjusted at the above location in 2013. I made couple of repeat visits for adjustments and was sure my hearing improvement is perfect.

While attending a meeting at work I made a comment about the guest speaker voice is too low, in which the reply from others was they hear just fine.

I went back to Scarborough location for further adjustments but without much different.

Last year I moved to Montreal, Quebec. In this province all the medicare system is not as in the rest of Canada and no hearing aid centres in Costco locations. so I booked an appointment at the nearest location, Ottawa Ontario just to adjust the left ear device.

It was only after the adjustments in Ottawa's Costco I found out how bad were the adjustments at Scarborough. Suddenly a new world of hearing quality opened up to me and I'm able to hear all spectrum of sound.

To my question what was the problem the technician it was only a matter of adjustments.

My advice to Toronto hearing aid seekers, better visit the downsview location at Duffrin and Wilson. This location has an ear doctor which Costco at Scarborough doesn't.

About the devices, they are working perfect as long as you keep it clean and charge batteries daily.

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