Good Experience, Good Products

by Tom
(Brainerd, MN)

I bought a pair of Rexton hearing aids about four years ago. I was extremely happy with hearing aid choice from the start.

These BTE models replaced some in the ear models that I had previously....and were a bad experience. The first hearing aids cost me over 3 times as much as the ones I bought at Costco.

Finally....I have a good product that works and I wore them everyday.

I've had them adjusted a few times and the service was quite good. They are now four years old....and for a short time they had a little crackling noise. They are no longer in I decided to upgrade the tech again and keep these for spares.

I just bought a pair of Chronos 9 model by Bernafon. I paid about $2600 total...and will be fitted for them in a week.

Based on my past experience, I'm hoping these are going to do well for me too....and I'm looking forward to getting the bluetooth TV feature. I'll do that after I wear them a while to prove 'em out.

I had gone to another Hearing aid provider who fitted me with some Starkeys and let me wear them for a day. I did not like them as well as the current I figured why pay 3x as much as Costco?

If I can get four years or so out of the Costco hearing aids....and then go on to the latest and greatest next gen tech.....I don't think that is too bad.

I believe I could nurse these along for some time....but I like the idea of the latest tech and having a backup pair.

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