Great unless you live abroad

by Big Daddy
(Santiago, Chile)

I purchased a pair of Legend 17 devices in Virginia and received great service. Very professional. I left feeling like I'd been given a new lease on life with my recovered hearing.

However, when I returned to South America, where there is a distributor, I discovered that the local distributor would not honor the warranty and facilitate repair. They told me to return it to the store where it was purchased. So, I made the delivery via mail (still waiting on its return at this point, but that should be resolved soon.) I've been without it for over a month due to shipping and repair times.

I contacted Beltone corporate to inquire as to why the local distributor wouldn't initiate the repair. When I contacted the original seller, they were surprised too and couldn't believe that the device couldn't be repaired here.

Beltone said that distributors operate under their own policies, which apparently means they don't have to actually provide support for devices for which Beltone provides an international warranty.

While I'm generally pleased with the performance of the devices, I will reconsider future purchases because of this experience.

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