Hearing Aid Accessories to Enhance Your Listening Pleasure

There are multitudes of hearing aid accessories that can add convenience, reduce the expense of maintaining a hearing aid or enhance the appearance. Most accessories are available for both the young and old or male and female. Some, particularly for children with hearing aids, make them more attractive and fun to wear.

Hearing aid accessories, which eliminate hassle or reduce the expense includes battery chargers. Some hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries so you don't have continued expense of replacing them.

One example is the Zounds Hearing Aids charging station available with some of their models. The charging station has a dot color coded to each hearing aid. You simply insert the hearing aid into the slot matching the dot and the charging begins. There's no more hassle with changing the batteries and no need to buy batteries again.

Several hearing aids offer accessories such as remote control as another benefit. If you need to adjust any facet of your device to make listening more pleasurable, there's no need to remove the hearing aid to do that. These remote control devices are particularly useful for those who find the tiny buttons on the hearing aid difficult to work.

Siemens offers the ePen, a subtle version of the hearing aid remote. The instrument looks like a pen, so no one around you will know you're adjusting your hearing aid. You can lower or increase volume, change programs or even your hearing aid on or off with a tug or twist of the pen. No one will ever suspect what you're doing. The ePen is only compatible with all Siemens brands of hearing aids, which also includes Pure, Life and Motion.

There are a number of different hearing aid accessories in the dryer area. Most of these clean and dry the hearing aids. One such product comes from Moisture Guard. The electronic dryer is a hardwood box lined with gold mirrors on the top and bottom. The dryer heats to a temperature of between 110 and 115 degrees as it melts out oils, evaporates moisture and dries the earwax but keeps the hearing aid free from harm. You simply put the hearing aids in at night and remove them cleaned and ready to wear in the morning. Other types of dryer/cleaners offer UV rays to stop bacterial growth on the hearing aids, in addition to drying them. There are also jars of moisture collecting pellets that remove the moisture from hearing aids.

For a much lower price, you can purchase a cleaning kit that offers five tools and a battery storage compartment. The tools include a pick to remove earwax from the hearing aid opening, a tube and vent cleaner, a battery door opener, a brush and a battery magnet to aid in the insertion and removal of batteries. These compact cases are handy to carry and the hearing aid accessory makes a nice stocking stuffer hearing aid wearers on the go.

Numerous small inexpensive hearing aid accessories can protect hearing aids from sweat damage or loss. Some of these are made of material to offer relief from chaffing behind the ear and others absorb perspiration and act as a hearing aid sweatband. For children, there are a number of devices to help prevent loss of the hearing whether the child intends to remove it or it simply falls out during play. Some of these clips are adorned with playful characters that children enjoy wearing.

In addition to clips and protectors, other hearing aid accessories for children attach to the tube of the hearing aid. The "tube riders" adorn the tube of the hearing aid and change it into a new accessory. This type of hearing aid addition changes a not so cool necessity into a "cool" fashion accessory. The tube riders are fun for children and whimsical adults.

Another of the hearing aid accessories that is great for teens and adults that enjoy listening to music or their mobile phone through a headset. Geemarc makes a hearing aid compatible headset with an extra sensitive microphone that works with any type of listening device with a standard headphone jack. It offers a dual headphone/microphone plug if you want to use it with computers for gaming, Skype or mp3 players. In addition to the 3.5mm headphone/microphone, it also has a 2.5mm adaptor.

Whether you wear hearing aids or not, TV Ears can be a great way to enhance your listening experience without annoying others around you.

Other hearing aid accessories help make the hearing aid less visible. Some of these are the hearing aid open domes and the micro tubes and slim tubes. These types of tubes and accessory domes don't fit every hearing aid so it's always best to check with the manufacturer or your hearing aid specialist before you buy.

Those busy executives don't have to give up keeping in contact with their office. There are now hearing aid compatible Bluetooth receivers also for use cochlear implants with a T-coil. Linear Blue SLC allows you to make or take calls using Bluetooth technology. It also supports three way calling and gives you a network loss warning if you are out of range. This accessory comes with loss link reconnect and auto-reconnect. However, it is only for use with mobile phones. It offers four hours of talk time on a charge and is rechargeable.

NoiZfree Beetle H2 also has a hearing aid compatible Bluetooth. However, unlike the Linear that hangs around the neck, this fits over the ear. This device helps reduce the static normally heard when attempting to use a Bluetooth with hearing aids. One problem some customers found was that the incoming speech was clear but the device did not transfer their voice as well as a phone.

I have seen many nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals in my office over the years. One major concern for them is being able to use a stethoscope when they wear their hearing instruments. One question they would often ask is "does someone make a stethoscope for hearing aids"? Fortunately the answer is yes. Click on this link for more information on stethoscope for hearing aids.

Finally, the most important hearing aid accessories are the batteries. If you have a hearing aid with a rechargeable battery and battery charger, you won't need as many. However, even rechargeable batteries eventually wear out. Stocking up on long life batteries or getting a battery charger and rechargeable batteries (which sometimes comes with the hearing aids) is first on the list of hearing aid accessories.

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