Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries are an important consideration when choosing a hearing aid. What type of battery and how long should you expect the battery to power your hearing instrument.

Hearing aids are important for those who have hearing difficulties. They provide them with a means of receiving and understanding sounds that their damaged ears would never allow them to hear. There are many forms of hearing aids, and the many companies that manufacture hearing aids usually design them to be comfortable and durable for the wearer.

Finding the right hearing aid is about considering the right design of hearing aid for your personal use, and it is essential for everything to be taken into account when considering which hearing aid is the correct one for you. The design of the hearing aid may determine what size battery your hearing aid takes and how long it will last.

The Siemens brand has always stood for the highest level of quality and reliability. Siemens hearing aid batteries excel by the same high quality and long lasting life. This ensures stable voltage and distortion-free amplification.

Each cell can be take separately from the convenient rotary pack.

• 8 batteries per pack
• 1.45v, 310 mAh
• Choose size in drop down box. Size 10, 13, 312, and 675
• Fits Siemens and All Other Manufacturer’s Hearing Aids

The hearing aid batteries are one of the most important aspects to consider, as you want to find batteries that are durable, long lasting, and, most importantly, easily available in your area. There are many types of hearing aid batteries to choose from, and it is vital to do research into which batteries are easily available in your area before you purchase your hearing aid. Seeing as you will need to replace the batteries at least once every few weeks, it is vital that you know as much as possible about the batteries that are required to power your hearing aids.

Money Saving Tip

One possible way to save money is to try discount hearing aid batteries.

Types of Hearing Aid Batteries

There are 5 main sizes of batteries used by most of the hearing aids that you can find on the market:

1. Size 5 hearing aid battery is the smallest size of battery currently on the market, and it can actually be hard to find these batteries, as only a few manufacturers make them. These batteries are used for the smallest hearing aids, particularly the CIC or ITC hearing aids that are too small for even a Size 10 battery. The packaging with this size battery will always have red located somewhere on the label

2. Size 10 batteries are the second smallest batteries available, and they are usually used for the CIC hearing aids that are placed completely in the ear canal. The batteries are not as long-lasting as other hearing aid batteries, but they are perfect for the very small hearing aids. The packaging for this size battery will be yellow.

3. Size 312 hearing aid batteries are usually used for ITC hearing aids. They are much thinner than the Size 13 batteries and they don't last as long, but they are perfect for an ITC hearing aid. Brown is the color used for this size battery labeling.

4. Size 13 is the most commonly used hearing aid batteries for an ITC hearing aid, and they are fairly small batteries. They don't provide too many hours of battery life, but they are small enough to easily fit in the ear. This size battery will contain orange labeling.

5. Size 675 is the largest type of hearing aid batteries, and these are usually used for the BTE hearing aids. These batteries are able to last for a number of hours, up to 300 or depending on the model of the hearing aid and the battery type. For many hours of power for a BTE hearing aid, there is nothing that can beat the large and durable Size 675 batteries. This size battery will contain blue colored labeling.

All of these batteries will need to be purchased according to your hearing aid, and you will need to determine which battery type your hearing aid uses in order to know which is the correct battery size and type.

How Long Do They Last?

The average lifespan of a small battery is between 3 and 22 days, though the type of battery will determine how long it lasts. The smallest Size 5 batteries hold only a small charge, while the Size 13 batteries last much longer.

The Size 675 batteries can last for much longer, and need to be replaced much less frequently. The use of the hearing aid also alters the battery life, as the more a hearing aid is used the more power it will drain.

Buying cheap hearing aid batteries may save you money initially but make sure you are still getting a quality product. Buying too cheap can ending up cost you more money in the long run.

When Should I Change the Batteries?

There are a few times when you should change the batteries:

• When the sound begins to get distorted or weird, or when more volume is required to hear properly.

• There is often an alarm that goes off when the battery in the hearing aid is too low. There will often be a beeping sound, and this is a good indication that the batteries need to be changed ASAP.

• Remember that the batteries tend to drain fairly quickly, and you may not have enough time to return to your house to grab an extra set. Always have a backup on you to ensure that you can change the batteries at need.

• Make sure to keep the batteries away from metal objects, as they discharge their current when they come in contact with metal.

Why Is there a Seal on the Batteries?

There is a special zinc air tab seal on the batteries that prevents the current of the battery from draining. Due to the fact that the battery begins to drain the minute the seal is removed, it is essential to leave the tab on until the moment it will be used.

How Can I Reduce Battery Drain?

Make sure to turn off your hearing aid when you are not using it, as that can help to prevent the batteries from draining. Remove the battery altogether if you aren't going to use the hearing aid for an extended length of time, and keep your battery away from extreme temperatures.

How Can I Care for My Hearing Aid Batteries?

Always store the hearing aid at normal temperatures, and avoid refrigerating. Make sure that your hands are clean when you change the batteries, as grime, grease, and dirt on the batteries can actually damage it. Make sure that the battery compartment of your hearing aid is left open overnight to allow moisture to escape, as that will help to prevent corrosion of the battery. Always take out any batteries that are dead, as it could swell and be difficult to take out.

Using a rechargeable hearing aid battery is a good way to save money.

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