Hearing Aid Battery last 100 hrs?? Which one is it?

by C.B.

I buy my hearing aid batteries at the audiologist clinic and they last about a week. I tried different kinds and the result is about the same. I have mine for almost 3 years and I am happy with them.

The first day I thought there was no way I was going to continue wearing them. Cars passing by sounded like truck, truck like airplane, flushing the toilet well, it was like being at Niagara Fall. I quickly got use to them and wear them all the time even when I go to places like a gym.

The initial setting was set to cover about 80% of my hearing loss and now it is over 100% . The audiologist says some people prefer a higher setting and other a lower setting.

Since then I returned about 5 times and asked to increase the volume. Now I thought sometimes my hearing aid whistles when hearing certain sounds when i listen to movies. It doesn't happen often but I am working with the audiologist to resolve the issue. (They were tested and both are in good condition)

I found them expensive $2000 for one (the dot 2 20) but other are also as much.

Here are a few tip from my personnel experience:

1. Make sure you buy them where you can have a follow up because it might take a few visit before the setting is right,

2. Make sure you ask them to replace filter regularly.

3. Ask them to send the hearing aid to the company before the warranty expire in case there is a problem you didn't notice.

4. Personally I wouldn't buy them over the internet.

5. It might be a good idea to have a hearing tested each year.

6. X ray can alter the setting.

7. Make sure you keep them dry.

Now I couldn't do without them!

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