Hearing test excellent

by Sherian Wright
(Washougal, WA)

I was very impressed with the hearing test. It was very extensive - not only listening to various sound levels, but repeating words spoken.

There were different sound levels to respond to. As it turned out, I have some loss of high pitch, but I also have equal amount of tinnitus in both ears.

I don't really need hearing aids at this point and time as some of my hearing challenges are the same for most people: movie music louder than voice, soft-spoken people,etc. I was impressed with the technology used; it seemed to be more sophisticated than when I went to an actual audiologist.

The entire appointment/test was about 40 minutes. Brenda explained my results very well. I asked and received a copy of my test. I will definitely will return here (Costco on 192nd Av, Vancouver, WA) in a couple of years for another test.

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