Incredible Service at Costco

by Bob
(Chula Vista, CA, US)

I go to the Costco located in Chula Vista off of H St. I have been wearing their hearing aids for about 4 years now and have gone back for numerous adjustments and re-tubing. The first person who sold me my original set was Ralph who was also hearing impaired and had a great understanding of what I needed and worked really hard to make my hearing aids work the best as possible. But Ralph retired in the last year and was replaced by Carolina who is an incredible protégé.

My original set of hearing aids were giving me problems and she could not get them dialed in because I had just recently had them worked on and they were still under warranty she was able to return them to the manufacturer who reworked both aids. I'm sure that many of you hate to leave your hearing aids at the store to be worked on and Carolina saw my concern and offered me a temporary pair or a demo set. Because of the time she had spent with me attempting to fix my personal pair of aids we were not able to dial in the demo set exactly but they were close enough to allow me to work and hear my wife and kids with out to much of the "what did you say?" going on.

I recently returned for a follow up to make sure that my current aids were working well and she re-tubed them and cleaned them. Because we had time we were able to discuss the different choices that are currently available and the difference that it would make to me in the future. I don't currently have the money for replacement hearing aids but I have started saving for a new set. I have been extremely lucky at the Rancho Del Rey Costco with both Ralph and Carolina and the professionalism they brought to the store and the hearing department. I'm probably 5-6 months away until I buy my new Bluetooth capable hearing aids and I can't wait.

In reading several of the reviews I can understand the issue of not having someone who is caring and knowledgeable. This store had a temporary person, Joe, and I did not feel that my concerns were addressed. I was happy when Carolina returned to the store and was able to address my hearing concerns. If you are lucky enough to have a professional addressing your concerns like the ones I do then I highly recommend purchasing your hearing aids from COSTCO! You can’t beat the price and the guarantee!

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