Instant Fit Hearing Aids Review

Instant fit hearing aids will immediately improve your hearing pleasure.

If you have a busy schedule and find it tough to squeeze in any type of medical appointment, you’ll love the instant fit hearing instruments. With only one stop, you’ll be able to hear conversations and nobody will be the wiser because they’re invisible too.

Instant fit hearing instruments fit securely in the canal of the ear behind the first bend. Only you will know that you’re wearing it but others might notice they don’t have to repeat words and phrases again and again. You’ll catch all the conversation, even in crowded places with background noise.

There are several types of instant fit hearing aids but only a limited number of instant fit invisible hearing aids. Most of the others are instant fit behind-the-ear models using a thin plastic almost invisible tube to transmit the sound to the ear. Some of the instant fit are in the canal and almost invisible with just the back of the hearing aid visible in the ear canal. Your audiologist or hearing aid specialist fine-tunes all models of instant fit hearing aids.

While instant fit hearing devices, such as the Amp by Starkey, aren’t a quick fix for everyone, they do help approximately 70 percent of those with hearing loss. Starkey describes them as hearing amplifiers for first time users. Other manufacturers note that it’s much like purchasing off the rack clothing except for hearing loss. Most people have similar ear canals that vary by size and similar types of hearing loss that vary by degrees or frequency. The manufacturer uses the information on “average” size and hearing loss to pre-make the hearing aids. Just like the tailor in a clothing store, the audiologist “fine-tunes” the hearing aid to your needs.

Unlike the tailor in the “off the rack” scenario, there’s no waiting for the alterations. These hearing aids have programmable circuitry to make the changes on the first visit. You don’t have to have a mold taken of your ear canal for the invisible instant fit aids. The hearing aids come in small, medium and large. They use varying sizes of plastic sleeves that fit most people. The behind-the-ear attach a small tip to the end of the plastic tube that goes into the ear canal. In most cases, only the casing behind the ear is visible since the plastic tube is clear.

Just like off-the-rack clothing, the cost of the instant fit hearing aids is normally far less than the cost for custom fit models. However, also like off-the-rack clothing, one size does not work for all. Many of the instant fit models, particularly the invisible-in-the-ear, aren’t a solution for every hearing aid user. The ear canal may not be the right shape, the hearing loss may not fit into the right range or there may be other unusual problems faced by the patient. In these cases, the audiologist will let the consumer know that a different type of hearing device might work better than the instant fit devices.

Not all the hearing aids that can be fit immediately in the office offer the same technology or even all the technology of fitted models. Some people want features that only come with the fully fitted hearing devices. In this case, instant fit hearing aids aren’t the solution. However, many of the devices offer features that their fitted counterparts have but at a discounted price. Since there’s far less labor involved and mass production is possible, the instant fit devices are often cost-savers for those with common types of hearing loss.

Some Features Offered with Instant Fit Hearing Devices

Due to the size of the invisible instant fit devices, they may not have all the features of the behind the ear devices, just like the fitted counterpart often don’t when compared to larger, bulkier devices. However, they frequently have much of the same technology of the custom fit counterparts of the same size and design.

Feedback Eliminator: Regardless of the type of hearing device, most of the manufacturers offer some form of feedback elimination. Those that fit hidden deep in the ear canal require a different form of feedback elimination than the ones more visible. In that case, a few manufacturers worked to present hearing devises that eliminate feedback yet provide more stable gain when you’re in areas that have complex sound tones. Feedback eliminator features stop the annoying buzzing and whistling faced by earlier users of hearing devices.

Remote Technology: Besides being tiny, hearing devices may also require adjustment to volume. Instant fit hearing devices offer the ability to make the changes through varying methods. Some are small and hidden, such as remote technology hidden in a device that looks like a pen. Others, such as Starkey’s Amp instant fit hearing aids, allow you to use any touch-tone phone to adjust volume, change memory or even mute. In some situations, the ability to mute the hearing aid is a huge benefit.

Clearer Speech: Many of the hearing devices offer some type of program to enhance speech patterns and lower the background noise. This technology is even available in the Amp invisible instant fit hearing aids. Starkey uses their Voice iQ² programming to help you hear speech better while eliminating the background noise.

Venting: Venting allows airflow in the ear so you don’t have that plugged up, “just off the airplane” feeling where you hear your own voice echo in your head. While many of the instant fit hearing aids that use a small plastic tube to transmit the sound, don’t require the venting, you don’t have the same sound quality as you do with hearing devices that go into the ear canal.

These invisible instant fit hearing aids and in-the-canal models often offer improved hearing that is closer to natural hearing. They do require venting. Manufacturers included natural venting in their designs for completely in the canal (CIC) models and Invisible in the Canal (IIC) Hearing Aids models, regardless of whether they’re custom designed or instant fit hearing aids.

Whether you’re taking the plunge for the first time and just want the process over, want to save money and don’t require a more complex hearing device, instant fit hearing aids may be a solution for your hearing loss. Most of these use much of the same technology as their fitted counterparts but may not have all the extra features. Either way, you’ll find these instant fit hearing aids improve your listening pleasure immediately but cost far less than their custom fitted counterparts cost.

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