Kirkland 5.0 Behind The Ear Hearing Aids From Costco 2013

by N Baker
(Houston, TX)

I am 72 years old and finally decided to try hearing aids. I checked online, looked at reviews online and had my ears checked at my health care provider. I priced many hearing aids from $5000 per hearing aid to $1899 at Costco. Because of problems with ear wax and frequent infections both my health care provider and Costco recommended behind the ear.

Because of the cost and because Costco will let you return the hearing aids up to 90 days after purchase(most others only give you 30 days)I went with the Kirkland brand from Costco. I had also seen good reviews of the Kirkland Brand. I was a little concerned when I went to the store and found out that they now had a different hearing aid. I was told that the new aids were an improvement so I went with them.

I received my hearing aids on Friday Oct 4. Today is Sunday Oct 6th so I cannot talk about longevity. I can only talk about how excited I am about these hearing aids. I was told that wearing hearing aids for the first time it would take some time to get use to them. Maybe I am the exception not the rule. I am wearing them from the time I wake up until I go to sleep. I can hear sounds I have not heard in years. Birds chirping, the beep of the microwave, the water running from my kitchen faucet, the dialog from the TV (without the volume being too loud) My hearing aids came with a remote control and four programs, normal, restaurant, party and outdoors. I had the lady change the outdoor to gym because I go there five days a week and it is very noisy. As I said the normal is much more than I ever expected. I went to a restaurant yesterday and although I was alone, I was able to hear the waitress without any problems. I had heard that hearing aids were a problem in noisy environments. Although the restaurant was very crowded I did not have any problem. I have not tried the party or the gym programs yet.

I am like a little child getting so excited about hearing all these new sounds I have not heard in years. I wish I had gotten my hearing aids years ago. I don't have any experience with other brands to be able to compare the Costco hearing aids, so I cannot speak to that. All I can say is these hearing aids far exceed my expectations of what a hearing aid will do and I recommend them highly.

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