Kirkland brand hearing aids

by Carolyn
(Stockton, CA)

I have had my Kirkland brand hearing aids for 3 years. I sent one back in (still in warranty) to be fixed. I was told I was receiving a new set that were more expensive.

They came in but could not be adjusted to my hearing loss. I had analog and these were digital. So I am having to buy a new set of analog ones. I asked to have my old set back and was told they had no parts to repair them because they were obsolete.

I guess they were thrown away. They were still in warranty. This was my 3rd set from Costco and I have been pleased with their service and the hearing aids I had. I just feel like I was deceived when told Kirkland stood behind their brand and they were as good as any other maker. I've worn hearing aids for 35 years and every set has lasted from 6 to 7 years except for this one.

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