Kirkland Signature 6.0 Hearing Aids and iPhone App

by Richard
(Seattle, WA, USA)

My previous Kirkland hearing aids were about 2 years old and needed a tune-up. The switches were showing wear. I'd read about the ReSound iPhone app and was pleased that Costco offered their own version.

I really like the way Costco sells hearing aids. They are busy and you need an appointment. Then you get a very complete hearing test, you can try the hearing aids before you commit to spending money. The price is posted on the wall - no surprises.

The first aids were turned in for repair and I bought the new ones and the app for my iPhone. The hearing aid specialist fitted them, and we selected the different programs for the iPhone.

I selected "Softswitch" which is really ""normal"", ""Restaurant" which reduces the volume on background noise, "Outdoor" which reduces wind noise and "Traffic" for use in the car.

These are my fourth set of hearing aids and they are the best of the bunch. They are a little smaller than the previous version but the sound is clearer. Highly recommended.

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