Kirkland Signature Hearing Aids $2000 6mths no problems very happy!

by Damien
(Melbourne, Austrailia)

I purchased a pair of behind the ear Kirkland Signature hearing aids 6 months ago in Melbourne, Australia from Costco and have had no problems.

Love the fact that they are rechargeable.
I can now join in conversations, and have fewer arguments with my wife.

I am 47 and can not believe the difference these have made. I believe a feeling of isolation I had prior to getting these added to a bout of depression I had been through.

I work in a customer service role and I have found it very difficult on the couple of times I have left home without wearing them.

My brother paid $10,000 for his hearing aids and he says the features of mine are much better than his.

I have recommended them to 2 other people who have gotten them and been very happy. My Aunt had a pair of $7000 hearing aids on order that she cancelled and has not regretted it.

Hope this helps somebody.

As is too often the case we only hear from the people who have had a problem with a product.

No matter which way you go I wish you good health and good hearing.


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