Micro Tech Hearing Aids Review

Micro Tech hearing aids offer state of the art listening.

As one of the nation's most reliable and technologically advanced companies, Microtech hearing aids lead the industry. Several United States government agencies, which include the Department of Veteran Affairs, use Micro Tech as one of their suppliers. Part of the reason is their advanced technology but the support services offered by the company plays a big role too.

Micro Tech hearing aids provide many features and accessories. SurfLink provides the user with a wire free solution without adding another device you wear and replaces the outdated Bluetooth devices. You can use the media device to pick up only the sound of the television or other media you set it for, or you can pick up the sound of the television and any sound in the room.

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There are a number of different styles available from Micro Tech hearing aids, Radius, Curve, AMP, Mobility, Focus and Avail. Within the Mobility series, you have three models from which to select, Vibrant (Mobility50), Active (Mobility 40) and Social (Mobility 30).

The Primary Features of Mobility


SpeechTrax2 is a noise reduction system that doubled previous noise reduction features offered by Micro Tech, as much as 20dB. Even though it reduces noise, it acts with a speech preservation system so you'll hear more of the conversation. This ability reduces the cognitive fatigue caused by the extra effort to hear when operating in conjunction with the system's Dynamic Directional Detection.

Binaural Spatial Mapping

Binaural Spatial Mapping using IRIS Technology is another feature. The technology uses the signal from both hearing aids, analyzes and maps the area that surrounds the patient and then applies the appropriate processing strategy for both noise management and directionality. It boosts the performance of other features.

Synchronized User Adjustments

This allows the clinician to program one hearing device to adjust the memory and/or volume of both, so there is no need to change both hearing devices. It also offers a binaural telephone mode that works automatically on the side you use to listen on the phone.

Frequency Trax

You'll find that Frequency Trax is a huge help for those who have hearing loss in the higher frequency. This automatically identifies and lowers high-frequency speech tones, while maintaining high quality sound. If you've been told hearing devices wouldn't help, this feature may change all that.

SpeechTrax Boost

The SurfLink Remote is a feature users can activate in loud noisy areas. It reduces the noise and improves the sound quality if you're at a loud function or in a noisy area.

Self Learning

These smart hearing aids learn your preferences for volume as you use them and automatically make adjustments accordingly. This means fewer manual adjustments for the user.

Swap Fit

If you're purchasing a new set of hearing devices, you won't have to go through all the hassle when you wear Micro Tech hearing aids. Swap Fit allows the transfer of the settings from your old hearing device to a new one.

Strategic Feedback Control

You're hearing device will respond faster to complex feedback if you have one of the Micro Tech hearing aids. This feature allows a wide fitting range.


Micro Tech improved their HydraShield to provide protection that repels oily substances. This gives just another protection against damage from earwax or other substances.

Adaptive Environmental Sequencing

This feature allows Micro Tech hearing aids to function the best when there's complex background noise.

Live Real Ear Measurement

Your hearing aid specialist will able to provide you with the best fitting and verify that the hearing aids are right for you because of a program called Live Real Ear Measurement. This is a benefit to both the patient and the audiologist .


This series features one of MicroTech's smallest hearing devices, the Mini receiver-in-canal model. It offers SpeechTrax2, FrequencyTrax, Self Learning, Swap Fit, Strategic Feedback Control, HydraShield2, Live Real Ear Measurement as well as other features.

Other Features on Focus

Sound Enhancements

This feature improves the sound quality on the Mobility Micro Tech hearing aids.


You no longer have to work with tiny buttons or fiddle with dials when you have SmartTouchTM. This feature allows you to lightly touch the hearing device when you want to make adjusts for memory or volume.

Environmental Noise Classification

This directional system helps your hearing device to perform best when there's a lot of background noise.

T2 Remote

Now you can adjust your hearing device with your cell phone or touch tone phone. T2 Remote makes it possible.

Live Speech Mapping

This is another aid to help the audiologist fit and adjust your hearing aid better.

Voice Indicators

These smart hearing aids alert you when you have a low batter or give you the status of the memory and telephone mode. It speaks in either a male or a female voice in various languages.

Automatic Telephone Solutions (ATS)

Another "smart" feature is the Automatic Telephone Solutions (ATS). It detects when you're on the telephone and automatically adjusts the hearing device.

Music Processing

Music Processing makes adjustments for various musical genres to improve the listening quality.

Television Processing

This new program changes the settings in the hearing aid to optimize your listening quality for television.

AMP and MicroLens Series

These tiny little hearing devices are invisible but don't cost as much as you'd think. They have high quality sound, are completely digital and easy to fit.

AMP addresses the three main concerns of millions of Americans who are reluctant to consider hearing aids:

• Axio, Radius, Curve and Vector Series

• These Micro Tech hearing aids have exceptional quality but do not have a high price. They don't have as many of the features that Mobility and Focus offer but they still provide high quality listening. Vector is the most economical of the four series and designed for a tight budget.

No matter which of the Micro Tech hearing aids you select, you'll find they offer state-of-the-art listening quality with the patient's interest in mind. The technological advancements offered by the company makes them industry leaders in hearing pleasure and clarity.

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