Miracle Ear

Miracle Ear began with Kenneth Dahlberg and Dahlberg, Inc. in 1948 as he invented the in-pillow radio, which was not accepted in the marketplace.

Dahlberg went into business for himself a few years later and invented the Miracle Ear hearing aids. Most Miracle-Ear stores are found within Sears, yet there are a few standalones out there as well.

Like most large hearing centers, Miracle-Ear will give the patient a free hearing exam to diagnose what type of hearing losses may be enforce. If you belong to a low-income family that cannot afford hearing aids for your children fear not as Miracle Ear Children Foundation can offer the children free hearing aids.

Each hearing aid comes with the assurance that you are profiting from the best aid available for your needs while encompassing a package to include warranties and aftercare plans.

With its long-standing acceptance within the hearing loss community, Miracle Ear hearing aids are customized to fit within each patient's ear in a variety of types and styles.

Many are nearly invisible to those around you, so if you are embarrassed by your need for a hearing aid, no one will know you're wearing them. With each person having a specific need, each hearing aid is programmable to that specific need or needs. With automatic adjustments, your hearing aid can be used in noisy or quiet environments without any problems.

Variety of Models for Comfort and Style

Following is some information on some of the styles of hearing aids available.

* Open Fit Behind the Ear: The receiver is nestled within the ear canal making it hard to see by passersby and doesn't make you feel like you are all "plugged up".

* Behind the Ear: This is aptly named with the received sitting behind your ear unobtrusively.

* Comfort Styles: These are those looking to be a bit trendy, yet offering great performance at the same time.

* Cosmetic Styles: These are small and hidden well within the ear canal. The mold is customized for your own ear making it one of the best choices for those whom are active.

Four Technology Levels to Choose

How do you know which is best for you?

Miracle-Ear hearing aids come in different packages:

* The first package is for help in one-on-one conversations, allow the patient to hear faint sounds or within loud crowds, understand conversations in any sized group, enjoy music and be able to handle sudden loud sounds.

Three-year warranty, unlimited office visits, free annual checks, cleaning and adjustments. Digital aids are offered with automatic controls, multiple programs, noise and feedback reduction, trainable volume control and electronic diary.

* The second option is for those looking to be comfortable in near-silence and noise, conversations with one or more people and can handle many different listening environments. Digital with 2-year loss and damage warranty and three years of office visits. Multiple programs, noise reduction and speech enhancements are also available.

* Option three is great for those needing assistance with faint and loud noises, and conversations. This package has two-year loss and damage, three years of office visits, free cleaning and adjustments as well as a free annual check. Multiple programs, fully digital, reduction systems and a battery alert also come with the Miracle Ear hearing aids.

* The fourth package will help with one on one and small group conversations, soft and loud sounds. One-year loss, damage and office visits are available. Digital and multi-programmable these also come with noise, feedback and wind reduction.

As you can see, Miracle Ear hearing aids will help young and old alike. No matter how dramatic your hearing loss may be, you will be able to find a good product through Miracle-Ear.

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