My 4th Costco Hearing Aid in 12 years

by Weldon
(Seattle, WA, king)

Costco Hearing Aid Center:

Male 78 y.o. with Hearing Loss from driving diesel equipment as teen.

My Costco experiences have been positive from the get go.

Hearing Loss:
Originally labeled mild, now (12 yrs later) mild to severe.

First hearing aid was:
Seimens in the ear analog hearing aid…. worn 2 yrs
Second hearing aid was:
Rexton RX34 in the ear digital hearing aid…. worn 4 yrs.
Current: Third hearing aid
Bernafon Behind The Ear has been worn 6 yrs

I’m preparing to purchase: a 4th hearing aid from Costco.

I’m a Music, Opera fan and sing in a local Church Choir. Therefore always I am looking for the latest hearing technology (w/user controls+).

Last week I had a new hearing test at Costco. Virginia, the Tester discovered significant erosion of my ‘hearing discrimination’ (compared with another test completed 2 yrs ago).

BEFORE she would recommend my purchase of new hearing aids, she requested I have a full audiologic evaluation by licensed ear, nose, throat MD.

Last week I completed that Medical evaluation. My MD Audiologist test confirmed Costco findings…the graph overlaid almost exactly Costco’s evaluation.

Today I will try out the latest Costco hearing aids.

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