My Audibel hearing aid experience

I am not pleased with my Audibel experience. Three years ago I purchased ( for $5500) two in-ear aids. I have since sent them back, under warranty, for repair and after the warranty expired, and I was faced with a fee of $300 for repair, I quit wearing then for 6+ mos.

I tried, 3 mos ago, to use just the one working aid and after a mo. or so it quit. I took it back where I bought it this week and the salesman tried to make it my fault that it didn't work, because I had not returned to the store more often.

Their solution was to buy another (newer) pair for $6000.

Two very important questions come to mind: 1) If they only last less than 3 years, WHY would I buy another pair from you? (They claim 5-7 year average life.) And 2) how the hell is failure my fault?

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Feb 18, 2018
Accuquest Come On NEW
by: Anonymous

After having my aids for 7 years, with keeping all the schedule cleaning appointments, sending them back into the company for repairs when needed, now they change the starkey programming program, where it will no longer interface with my aids so they can no longer be reprogramed at the service center, and now accuquest wants me to pay $300 per aid to send them in and have new programing put in them, Why can not the older program be used so my aids can be adjusted?
This is not right, nothing but a come on!

Jul 16, 2016
by: Anonymous

About three years ago I bought a pair of the "newest technology" in over the ear aids from Audibel and hated them. They kept falling out of my ears and the background noise made them impossible to wear in situations where there were lots of people present and talking.

I quit wearing them. My wife and family had been complaining alot recently , tired of my "what?" response to their conversations so, like an idiot I got out my hearing aids and went to Audibel for a "tune-up".

I left with a new device and 7 grand less than when I walked in. Notice I didn't say I was wearing the new aid? No, for I had just purchased the new IIC model and they had to make an appt. for me to have a mold of my ear made and then wait a couple weeks to receive my state of the art hearing device.

Waiting for something is not so bad if, in the end, you're satisfied w/the results, but that is not the case here. So far, I've had the new aids less than six months and been able to have both sides working for about two weeks. One is off to be repaired and the other goes around the same time as the "repaired" unit is returned. To make matters worse, it turns out that Audibel doesn't even manufacture their hearing aids, they buy them from Starkey!, and add about 300% to the cost!!

And then there's the pictures and films about the supposed "do gooding" owner of Audibel one must endure when visiting the office. This guy claims to give away thousands of hearing aids to children all over the world, the old style aids your grandfather wore 50 years ago by appearance in the pictures, while vacationing in some great locations with celebrities he brings along for photo shoots. The guy is a huckster, writing off the costs at full retail of units he no doubt pays next to nothing for plus the expenses of his "vacations"!

Kinda like the hospitals today write off charges of $30,000. that the insurance companies pay $1500. dollars for and the insured pays $1000. for. It's all a scam, fraud really, and the consumer pays the tab. In the case of Audibel, it's the customer who pays five times more for hearing aids while Audibel writes off huge amounts of "freebies" and in the case of hospitals that's nothing but government fraud at it's best. Actually, like politicians of late, they should all be in prison but that won't happen.

I'm a staunch supporter of capitalism, have owned a business for 40 years, but the government and companies like Audibel make the whole system look crooked, because they are!

Oct 19, 2015
Not taking care of them reduces the lifespan of hearing aids
by: Anonymous

Hearing aids use very sensitive microphones and receivers (speakers), these components are being exposed to wax and moisture consistently. It's important to clean the hearing aids regularly to remove this debris. Not doing so will cause these pieces to fail. This is recommended to be done both at home by you (daily), and at the store where they were purchased (roughly every 3 or 4 months).

If you were not cleaning them regularly enough it would not be surprising to have them fail in 3 years. This would be the equivalent of never changing your cars oil, and then blaming ford when your engine seizes.

The industry average of 5-7 years assumes one takes proper care of their hearing aids.

I wouldn't say you need a new pair of hearing aids, but you should repair the ones you have, and start taking proper care of them. Including going to the store to have them cleaned every 3 or 4 months. This will ensure you will get the most life out of them.

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