Need New Hearing Aids

by Marie Pittman
(Spring, TX 77380)

I'm in need of new hearing aids 2 & have worn ReSound hearing aids since '93 & am now using the ReSound Plus BTE purchased in 2007. I'm accustomed to off/on switches, volume control & have problems with occlusion. I have hi pitch loss, but cannot handle the compression that audiologists give me for the hi pitch loss. I've tried another brand Oticon Chili as audiologist says it has the power I need. The Chili gave me head & ear aches + balance problems.

Do you still make new hearing instruments with on/off switch & volume control that can be used with open molds?

Please give me locations in the following:
I live in zip 77380 & also am very near Houston, TX. I'm willing to travel to Houston to get the perfect aids necessary for my comfort & hearing.

Thank you
Marie Pittman

Thank you for your question Marie.

Here's a link to ReSound's website. You can input your zipcode to find a local hearing specialist that may be able to help you.

GN ReSound Website

Ron Allander BC-HIS

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