Old Ron is a Longtime Costco Hearing Aid Wearer

by Ron
(Vacaville, CA)

I am a longtime Costco customer on my second set of Costco hearing aids. The brand of these is Rexton.

I was initially told they would be so much better than my original first set but can't hear well with them. I went back for adjustments twice and still have to have the TV volume too loud.

My wife continually complains and I always have to be in the same room facing her directly in order to hear everything she is saying. She now wants me to pay more from some other hearing company but I don't trust all the advertisements these companies put out.

Maybe I should try a different Costco location? Our Costco is located in Vacaville, California. I need some help, my age is 74 and I am very active, not an old man.

Anyone with some good ideas please respond to this message.

Thank You,


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Oct 09, 2012
Put a Mic on Your Wife !
by: elijah

Like you, Ron, I ...REALLY... want to hear my wife.

I can, now. I hang a mic on Chantal. She talks. Signal is broadcast to me. GREAT.

The details are complex. Easiest: get a Costco Forza, and the minimic which comes with it. Hang the mic on the wife and it broadcasts to your hearing aid(s). I tried it for a month, and will probably buy soon.

OR: buy a pair of devices by Phonak: Transmitter/mic is Smartlink or Easylink or someotherLINK. Receiver hangs on MY neck, called Mylink. Catches FM signal from wife, changes it to a T-coil signal which many hearing aids can catch.

Retail: $2000+. ebay: $400 or less, some work out of the box, some don't.

OR try another manufacturer. Oticon Intiga can do direct wife-to-pop's ear. Starkey has something similar, but their surf microphone may have problems.

OR there are many many systems which are a bit bigger and more visible.

The key: Hang mic on wife, catch signal, get it to your ear.

Let me know if you try: lovejoyelijah@gmail.com

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