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Oticon Acto Hearing Aids Make
Conversation Comfortable Again

Just like their motto, Oticon puts people first and it’s probably because of the way the company started. The Oticon Company isn’t the new kid on the block.

In fact, it started back in 1902, when Princess Alexandra wore the latest type of hearing device at her coronation as Queen of England. Hans Demott heard of the miraculous device, so far advanced from the ear trumpet normally used by the hearing impaired and knew he had to learn more.

His wife was hearing impaired and he felt it would help her immensely. He left Denmark, traveled to England, and purchased the device.

It certainly helped, so much that he became a distributor so he could help other hearing-impaired individuals in his home country.

The company thrived and when Hans died, he left the business to his son, William. William wanted to learn more about the hearing devices, both to repair and assemble them, primarily because due to the financial crisis, the Danish government banned the import of the hearing aids, but not necessarily the parts.

He began to assemble the devices and it proved important when WWII halted most importation. After the war, William and Charles Lehman, from America, formed a corporation that is now Oticon.

They produce a variety of different types of hearing devices such as the Acto and Intiga. They’re a major player in the world of hearing aids and with their sister corporation, Oticon Medical, the two companies have over 3,000 employees. They sell hearing devices to people in over 100 countries with offices in 22 of those countries.

The Oticon Acto Hearing Aids

Acto hearing aids give you greater comfort, both in listening pleasure and wearing. The hearing device has an organic design that makes it so comfortable to wear, you’ll probably forget you have hearing devices. However, you won’t miss one iota of the conversation with these hearing aids and never have to tamper with them to make awkward adjustments in the middle of a conversation or when going from room to room. They make all the adjustments for you. The hearing devices are wireless. This means there’s no more hassle using a cell phone, MP3 players or even watching television. Best of all, they’re so discreet, it makes it difficult for anyone to tell you’re wearing a hearing aid. The Oticon Acto hearing aids are powerful enough for those with severe hearing loss.


The Oticon Acto hearing aids come in a wide variety of styles. For those desiring a custom style of hearing device, you can select from the completely-in-the-canal or mostly-in-the-canal (MIC) power, CIC/MIC, in-the-canal (ITC), ITC power, half-shell (HS) power and HS/Low profile—LP. These styles of hearing devices require the hearing aid specialist to take an ear mold. He then sends the mold back to Oticon and the company creates a device specifically for the shape of your inner ear.

If you want a hearing device faster, or prefer the BTE type of model, you also have a wide selection from which to choose. The company has receiver-in-the-ear—RITE, miniRITE, behind-the-ear BTE 13 with Corda Thin Tube, BTE 13 hook and BTE 13 power hook. You can also select from five different dome/mold options for the RITE styles.

For those who want a standard or medium receiver there is the open dome, plus dome and micro/RITE mold that comes in both hard and soft molds. For people who desire a power receiver, you have two options, the power dome and the mold power dome in soft or hard material. These Oticon Acto hearing aids come in seven different colors; silver, steel grey, silver grey, diamond black, chestnut brown, chroma beige and terracotta.

The Oticon Acto hearing aids also come in two different models, the more economical model and the Oticon Acto Pro. While both deliver clear sounding speech and comfort, both when listening and wearing, the Pro has additional features such as Multiband Adaptive directionality and TriState Noise Management.

Features of the Oticon Acto Hearing Aids

RISE Wireless 2 platform: The Oticon Acto hearing Aids use the new Rise Wireless 2 platform that processes faster and has two times the power of calculation of the previous platform, RISE. You’ll not only hear better, but you’ll also use far less power, so you don’t have to change the batteries as frequently. This second-generation smaller size is perfect for the newer more discreet hearing devices.

Binaural Synchronization and Binaural Coordination: When you’re wearing two hearing devices, binaural synchronization co-ordinates the two devices and you hear more naturally. The Binaural Synchronization feature is only available on the Pro.

Binaural Dynamic Feedback Cancellation: You should be the one whistling, not your hearing device. Feedback can be embarrassing and painful, but the Binaural Dynamic Feedback Cancellation on the Oticon Acto hearing aids eliminates it before you have any problem.

DecisionMaker2: Let your hearing aid make all the adjustments. The DecisionMaker2 makes all the adjustments necessary so you hear more clearly.

Multiband Adaptive Directionality: Your Oticon Acto hearing aids focus on where the conversation comes from, giving you clear conversation that’s easier to follow. This feature is only available on the Pro models.

TriState Noise Management: You don’t want every sound magnified when you have hearing aids. TriState Noise Management reduces the background noise so you hear conversation better. This feature is only available on the Pro models.

ConnectLine: You’ll feel comfortable talking on the cell phone again and love listening to your favorite music. ConnectLine directly connects other listening devises with your Oticon Acto hearing aids. It makes your hearing aids your own personal head set.

Streamer: Landlines, other listening devices and sometimes televisions aren’t Bluetooth enabled. In order to hear them better, Oticon offers the Streamer. The sound goes into the streamer and directly into your hearing aids so you’ll never miss an important part of the conversation, whether it’s on the telephone or television.

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