Oticon Agil Hearing Aids Review

The Agil Hearing Aids Help You Join in the Conversation

Oticon Agil hearing aids come in the standard model and the Agil Pro. These are high performance hearing aids with premium technology and the new generation of wireless features.

All this insures that the people using the hearing aids, those with mild to severe-to-profound hearing loss, receive the best experience in hearing that modern technology has to offer. The family of Agil hearing aids comes in various styles to fit almost any need.

For those desiring the instant fit of a behind-the-ear (BTE) style or a receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) model, the company offers the RITE, BTE13, miniRITE and BTE. If you want a custom fit, they have in-the-ear (ITE), in-the-canal (ITC), completely-in-the-canal (CIC), CIC/MIC, Half Shell and Full Shell.

Features of the Agil

Speech Guard: You need different levels of gain for different types of noise environments. Until modern technology was available, people with hearing problems had either to make those adjustments manually or suffer through an improper setting.

Now Agil hearing aids offer Speech Guard that does it automatically. Best of all, with Speech Guard, you’ll hear speech clearly, with none of the distortion normally heard by those with traditional compression systems. Only the Pro model of Oticon Agil hearing aids offers Speech Guard.

Spatial Sound 2.0: One of the problems of many hearing devices is that they don’t process sound the way the brain does. However, with Spatial Sound 2.0, Agil hearing devices work with the brain’s normal method of processing speech so what you hear is more natural.

The Binaural compression system maintains the minute differences heard by each individual ear so the brain processes it better. The company added binaural noise management to make this sound system unique.

Binaural Noise Management System prioritizes the various sounds and their direction. If you hear the speaker’s voice better in one ear and there’s more background noise in the other, the Binaural Noise Management System applies increased noise reduction to the side with the most background noise.

Connect +: Old problems are solved with new technology. That’s why Oticon Agil hearing aids come with Connect+. Listening to television, talking on the phone—both cellular and landline, understanding conversation in a busy restaurant, listening to music and watching presentations on the computer were a strain at best and a disaster at worst for those wearing an older hearing device. Connect+ allows the person wearing Oticon Agil hearing aids to use ConnectLine that makes listening a pleasure, regardless of whether you’re on the phone or talking in a noisy room.

ConnectLine connects you directly to the Bluetooth sound device or to a small microphone worn by your conversation partner. The sound goes from either the device or the microphone through and into the Streamer to insure you have the clearest possible signal with no extraneous noise.

The feature also offers Power Bass, which is similar to adding a woofer to any stereo system. It offers the rich bass sounds many people fail to hear because of open fittings. You’ll recognize the difference in the lower frequencies the most. When you wear the Oticon Agil hearing aids, you’ll experience renewed enjoyment in listening to music you thought you’d lost forever.

Another enhancement that comes with Connect+ is music widening. The streamed music is more than just a listening experience because of new reverberation research it feels more real. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in the front row of the theatre listening to a live band perform, rather than simply sitting at home listening to your MP3 player.

The New Rise 2 Platform: The new platform on Oticon Agil hearing aids has unheard of processing speed with twice the power to calculate of the previous product RISE. This means is you’ll hear better and best of all, RISE 2 uses less power, so you won’t be changing batteries nearly as often. This is the second generation wireless with a smaller size made for the new, smaller hearing devices.

Colors: The Oticon has eight different colors, Diamond Black, Steel Grey, Terracotta, Silver, Chroma Beige, Chestnut Brown and Samoa Blue. However, you can only get the miniRITE model in the Samoa Blue.

The Oticon Agil hearing aids have all the benefits, which allow you to hear conversations more easily so it’s less wearing. Because you’re hearing improves, you don’t have to stop the flow of conversation to ask the speaker to repeat the information again. You’ll also find that once you hear more naturally, you’re more apt to enjoy speaking with others and joining into the group, since the Agil frees you from the isolation that hearing loss can bring.

A Little Oticon History

Oticon Inc. is a large manufacturer and distributor of high quality hearing devices, such as Oticon Agil hearing aids. Perhaps one of the reasons for the success of the Oticon Corporation’s success was because it began from a loving gesture.

Hans Demant, the founder of the company didn’t intend to start a hearing device business. It simply evolved because he wanted the best type of hearing aid for the woman he loved. He heard of a hearing device used by the Queen of England in her 1902 coronation so he left the security of Denmark to seek the same hearing aid for his wife. After noting how effective it was, he became a distributor in his own country.

Demant’s son, William, the company after his father’s passing, but he wanted to learn more about hearing devices, their repair and assembly. To do this, he traveled to the United States to visit the factory of the General Acoustic. Not only was it a beneficial visit at the time, it proved invaluable when the Great Depression and WWII made it difficult to import hearing devices.

After the war in 1946, Demant became partners with Charles Lehman and formed the Danish-American company, the Oticon Corporation.

The company’s attention to the needs of people and their innovations made the Oticon Corporation one of the major players in world of international hearing aid manufacturing. The company and Oticon Medical, its sister company, employ over 3,000 people.

Oticon, Incorporated has offices in 22 different countries and sell to individuals in 100 countries worldwide. The product line includes Intiga, Acto, Chili, Ino, Get, Safari, Amigo and Oticon Agil hearing aids, as well as other products such as ConnectLine and Streamer.

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